Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend in Review

Before I start I just received some great news. Jane Claire and Bubba found out today that they are going to have a little girl!

What a great weekend!
Friday night since Chip and I felt like we'd been eating out every meal I went and grabbed a few things from the grocery store and we had cook out night! Chip cooked chicken breasts, pork chops, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, sauteed potatoes in garlic, black eyed peas and I guess that was it? What we do is make mini meals in tupperware out of this and we just grab one for lunch or dinner and it still gives you a little variety with out all the fuss. Just set it and forget it.

Saturday was an eventful day for me. I woke up to volunteer at the Helping Hands Thrift Store. I'd never been in there and it was so much fun! You know how I get when things are at a discounted rate even if "gently worn". Chip made me promise I would not come home with a puppy, rooster or used underwear. I told him I was not going to a Flea Market but to the Thrift Store. Men, I swear. Later that mid day I left the thrift store to go and get my hair did. This is interesting to me. Since I am with child my hair is weird. My hair is growing at the speed of light due to the vitamins and then on top of that it's coming in dark brown - almost black. Yes, blackish brown would be a safe way to explain it. So, since we are about to come into Fall I went ahead and had it done a shade or two lighter than my new natural color. I will post pics soon.
I have to go back because the pesky grey hairs did not take, damn them....I told her to just pull them out...but there are a lot and I would be bald.

After getting beautified I got a call from my friend JJ. She was solo Saturday night and didn't know if maybe I wanted to go on a date...a prego date. She came and picked me up and we headed to Starkville. Since we are both due within mere seconds of each other we had lots of notes to compare and things to talk about. Also since she knows I'm addicted to Dirt Cheap she is such a sweet date showed me where the one in Starkville was. Oh man, this D.C. was awesome! I got a hugemongo never been opened industrial size Black & Decker food processor for $16, a 4 pack fancy thing of baby bottles that makes the baby feel like it's still breastfeeding for $8. I have no idea about bottles, but whatever it sounded like a good deal. Then the Mamma of all purchases; it was such a good find that JJ and I split the cost and we will automatically be crowned the most awesome parents / aunts in the history of parents / aunts. We bought a HUGE inflatable waterpark with a slide and things to climb on and pool. I think the original sticker on it was $499 and we got it for less than $100 bucks. The air blower inflater on it works and everything. I can't wait to have a fun day soon where her nieces and my niece and nephew can blow it up and try it out. It will be a couple of years before our kids can use it, but that's ok....we are still the coolest ever.

After Dirt Cheap we ate and then went to Walgreens to get candy for the movies. There was no denying our pregnancy - We looked like Willy Wonka with arm loads of candy. I got Junior Mints, Airheads and Hot Tamales. JJ got Sour Patch Kids, Hot Tamales and something else. We went and saw The Ugly Truth. Oh my goodness drop everything you are doing right this second and go see it. Obviously you aren't doing anything interesting so go! Get off your Duff! I honestly don't know if I have ever in my life laughed that loud in a movie theater. I laughed so hard and loud I heard my laugh echo in the theater. My stomach was so sore from having to catch my breath / laughing. At one point JJ was crying she was laughing so hard. It's not just a girly movie. It's got some funny guy stuff in there too. Gerard Butler has officially made my Top 5. Love Him!
We got home around Midnight. What a great date JJ is! We should do that every weekend.

Sunday we woke up late and went out to Chip's cousins house. Some of you know Glue....most of you didn't know we were related to him, sometimes we prefer to keep it that way. Anyway, we went out to his house where he has grown these watermelons I'd never heard of; they are called Moon and Star Watermelon. I will post pictures so you can see why. Their skin is green and has yellow speckles like stars then some have a big yellow spot which is the moon. It is really neat. When we went out there and his garden looked like a big ol weeded Hot Mess. This is my type of garden where you don't pick the weeds because it helps protect the melons from getting burned up in the sun. That's what happened to my garden last year....I was trying to protect it from the sun...uh yup, that's what happened. Around my house I am known as the Grim Reaper of Growing Things. So anyway, we got three big melons and took one to Chip's mom and cut up one to take to Charlie & Joyce's for dinner last night. Chip cooked up fish, hushpuppies, okra and green tomatoes. My niece and nephew were there being cutie patooties and I was just a big ol lump in the recliner.

Yesterday a new pregnancy symptom popped up. My feet & legs are wanting to start retaining water. Hello! KANKLES are NOT ok. I've been propping them up to prevent this and drinking nothing but H2O and cutting back on the salt intake but friends, I am scared. Is this another one of those things we talked about where it's too early for this to be happening? I think my niece Hannah predicted the kankles when she drew a picture of me and Chip. She drew a picture of me pregnant and my brother was quick to point out the kankles she drew on me. I will have to post it. It's true.

I hope you all have a great day. I am going to go prop my feet up and drink water while I work.


Rachel said...

These are the bottles I got for $8

Looks like they are normally $20. Cha-Ching.

JJ and Allen said...

Just catching up on the blog as I haven't been online in a couple of days. Been in Jxn helping care for 2 SICK babies!! Oh wow what an eye opener!! Anyhow, I had a great time on our date as well :P I am ready to plan the weekend for the inflatable b/c I'm dying to see it blown up!!!