Monday, August 31, 2009

Half Baked

We have officially entered week 20 of pregnancy. You know what that means?
We are half way there.
My goodness that scares the day lights out of me. I am not sure where the last 20 weeks have gone, but I'm sure the next 20 will come at the speed of light.

I'm sorta content-o where Hill and I are right now. He gives me the ol' left right in my tum to let me know he's there. I am not 100% miserable in my body yet. No real nausea. A wee bit tired, but nothing to complain about. We are getting good sleep at night. No big aversions to anything.

I did have a little hormonal deterioration (not quite a breakdown) today, but hind sight it was really nothing to cry about. Ok, we'll add this story to the hormonal list.

You see Chip has to go to Oxford this week, before he left town he came up to my work so we could say our goodbyes and I just started getting a little teary eyed. He was so sweet because he'd done all the laundry and tended to the dogs and made my life just a little bit easier. Meanwhile I'm telling him bye and my co-worker who I've worked side by side with for 2 years is packing his office to transfer to a different department. I felt really sad, so I got overwhelmingly weepy (ok, I secretly cried). There was no real reason - Chip will be back in 3 days and Jeremy will be 3 buildings away. I had to get a grip.

After Chip left and I helped my ol' side kick take a few things to his new digs I returned to my office to find that happiness showed up! My friend Marsha with her sweet smile, rotel chicken spaghetti and this..........warm banana nut bread.

If you can't tell in the photo I couldn't wait until I got home to eat a slice.

Marsha, without even knowing it, made my day that really wasn't as bad as my hormones made it out to be, just a little brighter.

When I left work it was a pretty day outside so I rolled down my windows and turned up the radio and sang really really loud. That always makes me feel better. I even considered unwrapping the banana nut bread in the car and eating it like a candy bar, no fork, no plate, just one hand on the wheel and one hand holding the bread and my mouth. Then I decided that would be inappropriate and quite pig-ish. Then I wished I had a fork to eat the chicken spaghetti as I drove home, but again, I refrained.

I did however end up eating the above mentioned goodness for dinner and dessert. Yum-freaking-o. Thank you Marsha you are an angel and a wonderful friend. I love you too manies!

(P.S. my blog title cracks me up because I just watched Scent of a Woman the other night. 10 points if you understand that)


sm2 said...

Isn't it fun crying at work? Gotta love those hormones! Welcome to the half way point!

Marsha said...

Awwww...I'm so glad we were able to visit! I am missing all my buddies at JA tonight:( I'll talk to you soon!