Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 100th!

Call the blogging Police because it's true........three days in a row. Count them 1-2-3; Wednesday- Thursday - Friday I have blogged. Hell has bound to have frozen over even though it's 2,000 degrees outside. I'm trying to be better my friends, really. I mean I've had this blog for over 3 years and this marks my 100th post! There should be kazoos and streamers and confetti everywhere! I would like to make a speech.


Dearest No Really....This is My Life Reader(s),

These past 3 years have been extremely life changing for me. Each of you have helped me evolve from a roller coaster of emotions after moving to The Land of Koz. There have been moments of insanity and a few scary times, there has been a bit of humor and the silliness of those oh so lovable babies of mine. You have been my sounding board for everything. I mostly bore you all with a bunch of blabber that looking back seems dumb.....but it's my dumb blabber and all of my two loyal readers keep coming back for more. Even when I fall into a coma you continually keep checking my page - having faith that one day, one cold cold day, I will blog again. Unlike you all, I don't have a green thumb nor am I Martha Stewart, I never take the literary time I need to like you all do or blog as often as I should, but you all love me anyway. And I love you guys too!

This all started as a means of communication between me and my Oxford girls smsquared, showerfreshgarden, thejanii, the findings of me, and mel-o-drama (who is now famous and switched to bitchin' fiction) Anyway, I don't forget my roots and my peeps. You all were my friends when I was my only friend here in the Land of Koz; and for that I am eternally grateful.

We have all been through so much! Moves, marriage, jobs, trips, birth, birthdays, family time and even just getting things off our chest. So to all my readers I thank you for the past three years they have been phenomenal. I hope that within the next three years I can provide another 100 posts (no promises).

In the mean time, this is my 100th post speech - - as for what you have done the other 995 days of the three years I have not posted is a non issue, right? I still appreciate the daily click just to see if I had written something. That is true friendship or boredom.

Love you all,


sm2 said...

Happy 100th post! Love you girl!

Leah Maria said...

Yay! I have loved "hearing" more from you!! I love seeing your blog show up on my google reader.