Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I made a sell

Thank you Jesus for taking my negotiating skills that I have been using with you here lately and making them work with this one lone appraiser. I will get the knack sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

I also haven't really been on top of my game until about 3 pm today because I was awaiting a call back from the doctors office. I haven't said anything, but now I feel it appropriate since the worst case scenario is out of the picture. I have a knot on my chest and it has progressively gotten larger and started hurting. My doctor suggested I go see a surgeon, which is what I did yesterday. Everything came back negative - which is great! It's so strange what the mind does to you. I knew there has been a knot there for a while - and had it checked out back in 2003, but now that it is the size of a quarter and hurts I put off getting it checked (smart right?). I was afraid of the worst so therefore avoided it. I always thought it was scar tissue from the wreck I had back in college - but when it started hurting and growing - I got concerned. Then once my doctor suggested I see a surgeon specialist I have been physically and emotionally spent. Then as I wait for the doctor to come in - they put me in a room with pamphlets on breast cancer to read with charts and graphs. I became a reality - a morbid reality. The doctor came in and she was concerned so ordered the mammogram and the ultra-sound that day. I literally drove home by myself thinking the worst and wondering what songs should be at my funeral. I'm a sick o - I know. (for those sick o's wondering which song I picked - Garth Brooks, The Dance, came on - I felt it most appropriate) Now, since the results came back negative, I Dr. Rachel think that it's either a Lipoma or possibly a lymph node that is swollen - which can be caused by anything from a sore throat to the deodorant I use. So, as weird as that sounds - it's good news. I go back next week to find out the next course of action. I feel that they will probably remove the mass - that way it will be a smaller scar if it gets bigger down the road and plus it will give me a piece of mind knowing it's not there and a constant reminder when it has its bouts of pain. Still keep me in your prayers because we haven't gotten to the bottom of the problem, but at least we know it's not breast cancer. This is what I have been negotiating with God about (per the first paragraph).

Speaking of random things - there has been a beeping in my house all day about every 3-4 minutes. I have walked this house trying to figure out what the hell beeps. All of the portable phones are on their chargers, the microwave nor toaster oven are on, it's not a beep like the smoke detector. What else could it be? Nuts, driving me nuts.

Tomorrow night I am going to something someone invited me to do at the church. It's called a "Ladies Night Out" - yeah right...My Oxford girls are like - hellz yeah! Yes, it's ladies night, oh what a night. No, No ladies - this is the Baptist church. There will be no 2 for 1 or 1/2 price cover for this cameo I shall make. Random thought, I haven't scrapbooked lately. You know, that was my "thing" when I moved here. I scrapbooked and met nice people. Maybe I have been shunned from that group since I haven't been invited to any parties? Maybe I am the lame one? No body better comment that statement......


Lisa Blair said...

Rach! I am so glad that you are A-OK! I was good to see you this past week.

allison n. said...

i am so glad to hear that everything is okay! i know the unknown can drive you crazy. i had that exact same feeling back in june with my scare. i actually go back november 27th for yet another check-up. you are still in my prayers. i love you girl!