Sunday, May 31, 2009

Before & After

I figured you have all waited so patiently to see the before and after pics of the boat. Here it is. You can see why I didn't post before pictures without having the after pictures must have vision.

Before: Faded Glory with a busted out windshield. She looks like a lost puppy with mange.

After: All shined up like a new pair of shoes!

Before: Front passenger seat with busted glass and rotten wood and moldy seats. View from the back. I need a tetanus shot!

After: So fresh and so clean clean. Juan's got that tuck and roll going on! He matched it to the original.

Well guys, there she is. We are proud. If you want to come with us this afternoon we will be taking her out and having fun in the sun! If not today, there will be other ample opportunities this summer........just don't forget to pitch in for the gas. Chip said she's a guzzler.

Here is a picture of our summer supplies - fresh out of the attic!

In loving memory of the old boat. She was a good one and served her purpose, but she's letting another family enjoy her now. Farewell old boat you will not be forgotten.


Lisa Blair said...

Wow, Rach! This boat looks fabulous! Way to go you guys.

sm2 said...

Very impressive! You guys are pros at restoring these days! We'll have to plan a weekend to come down and see her in person!

Rachel said...

You must see her in person. She's fast and fun!
Lisa - we will call you guys when we go to the Rez and you can meet us!
Susan - you guys have an open invitation to come whenever!

Christy said...

Good job on the repairs. She looks brand spankin' new. Way to go, Juan! :)
Wish I could go on a little cruise with you guys.