Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Hawkins 1st Picture

I know, I know......I am being "that" person! "Look at my baby, Look at my baby!"

Here is a picture of Baby Hawkins. Does it look like a Hill Hawkins? Does it look like a Weslyn Hawkins? I guess we will find out in August what it is.........this is only the 1st photo at 9 weeks 4 days.

Ok, so I think I just publicly named our baby if it's a girl and haven't told my husband. Weslyn, is my favorite name and on the top of our / my list.
Grandfater = Wesley & My middle name = Lynn = = = Weslyn

Here is Baby Hawkins 1st Picture.

Here is Baby Hawkins 1st Picture Explained
(It looks like Baby Hawkins wrote the words,
but it was me and my lack of skill in writing in notepad)

This is super fuzzy being that it was taken from a cell phone from our sonogram. I will try to get the real pictures scanned when I have a minute. I will also try to upload the sonogram but it is not being very cooperative.


Angela Hawkins said...

OK...i have to say that my new niece/nephew is totally cute even at 9 weeks 4 days! I'm so happy for you Rachel!! and Chippy too! I miss you like crazy! I bet you are going to be so cute pregnant and I can't wait to see you!!

Cindy Lu said...

Congratulations Rachel! That's great news!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel I just found your blog through the freeman's blog and had to say congrats on your pregnany, how exciting. You might remember me Jenna C, you were friends with my older brother's Neil and Robert. Glad to see your doing well. Take Care.

Wifetastic said...

Yay!!!!! I love pregnant people!

Rachel said...

Corinne, I know you love pregnant people. As a matter of fact next time I come to Oxford I have no less than 490871346892746 questions for you. And I want to use your fancy midwife machinery.