Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

Good Gawd, this has been the hardest secret I've ever had to keep in all of my life! The weekend of Mother's Day, Chip and I found out we are expecting our first baby! I know, shock right? Well not so much for us, we were somewhat looking forward to a little one to help complete the circle. We knew it was too early in the game to tell people and the blue line on the home pregnancy test couldn't turn the right shade of blue for Chip to believe it. It didn't matter, we were in it for real. So........
For Mother's Day this year Katie Lou sent my mom and step mom this picture.
That Katie, she is so silly and loves to have her picture taken.

My step mom, Pam, asked if we were getting a new puppy and my mom who always receives pictures of Katie was just admiring Katie's glamorous picture taking pose and not reading her shirt. Once they both figured it out I think I heard them scream from 700 miles away. All my mom could say was "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" I was on the phone with my dad when Pam opened her email and Pam must have had a puzzled look on her face because dad was asking what does the email say? Pam said, "It's Katie Lou in a t-shrit that says I'm going to be a big sister" and my dad paused and said nonchalantly, "Are you pregnant?"

Chip's family was quite hilarious too. We went to Adrienne's (Chip's mom) gave her a Mother's Day card and were just hanging out on the couch. Adrienne asked what's been going on and Chip in the most normal of voices say, "Not much, Rachel is having a baby." I am pretty sure that electricity shot through the chair Adrienne was in because she jumped up like she had been electrocuted and her eyes almost popped out of her head. She was nothing less than shocked, surprised and elated. Breaking the news to Charlie and Joyce (Chip's dad and step mom) was a little more laid back maybe not as surprised, but positively the most emotional of all 4 sets of parents. Joyce had been saying her Novena Prayers to St. Therese for us to have a baby and my goodness it must have worked over night. We all had "happy tears" as we shared the news.

Everyone was shocked and that's the way we wanted it.

Since we didn't have a sonogram and I had peed on too many home pregnancy test to fit into one 4x6 photo to send the parents......this is what I gave them.
Warning: If you are hormonal you will cry every time you read it.

I do not have a face to see,
Or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss.
I don't yet have a name.

Not yet can you hold my tiny hands,
Nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song,
Or cuddle me so near.

But all that will change come next year;
When they say I am due.
I am your newest grandchild;
And I can't wait until I meet you!

All I ask between now and then
Is your love for me to grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait;
Just think of all the joy we'll know!

So as you're waiting patiently,
Please pray lots of prayers for me.
I cannot wait to be a part
Of this wonderful family!

Happy Mother’s Day 2009
Chip, Rachel & Baby


Leah Maria said...

How sweet!!!! Congrats again to the both of you!!!!

Jennifer said...

Ok - so you warned us, but still - that poem is so sweet!! Once again, congratulations!

Christy and Billy said...

Hey Rach...I miss you too! I am feeling good today. Somedays are great...other days...not so great! I have been craving tuna and pizza subs like crazy! HOW ARE YOU FEELING? I am soo soo excited for you! I am still in shock that you were able to keep this from me while I called you to tell you my good news. You just sat there all quitely and congratulated me. You TURKEY! Anyways...let me know how your doing. Love you!

JJ and Allen said...

Ok I'm officially crying at work! That was so sweet :)

Rachel said...

I put the disclaimer in there about the poem! I've read it 6,000times and I still tear up. Rediculous.
Christy, after I hung up the phone with you that day and told your news Chip said, did you tell her our news? I said nope, I was too excited for her!!! I'm feeling good a little queezy and a lot tired, I can't complain. I crave pretty much everything. You mention it and it sounds good to me. That should be my next food antics.

Lisa Blair said...

Yay, Rachel! That is so awesome! I am really happy for you and Chip.

Cortni said...

Oh congratulations! Another sweet baby!

l cummins said...

Congratulations, Chip and excited for you guys!

Wifetastic said...

Ok. Not hormonal (relative), but I'm crying on my couch. Does being half drunk on wine = hormonal?

Jennifer said...

Ahhhhh! I finally get around to catching up and all this news! Congratulations to you! I am so happy for you! I hope your pregnancy is delightful; I know the result of it will be. Yippeeeee!