Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Hunting Hill Will Go...

Last Saturday was the opening of deer season.  Chip woke up early early and went hunting.  Hill and I decided that waking up early was for the birds, you can still hunt without being sleep deprived.  So we went on our own hunting trip.  Our excursion was way more fun than Dada's!  We dressed up for the occasion so we would be incognito and Hill saw all kinds of rare wild animals...

We tackled a BEAR!

Then we played with the bear.

We spotted a FOX!

Then the fox helped Hill inspect his boot

Then we saw a rare sighting;
an OLD OLD albino wolly mammoth!

Then the bear and Hill prayed that Dada
would bring home a big deer!

Then after his hunt he was exhausted so he took
a nap with a baby black bear.

Sweet snuggly bear.


Blog Owner said...

Hill is way too cute and these photo narratives are awesome.

Rachel said...

Thanks, Kent! Hope you and your family are doing well! Miss ya'll!