Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas With The Cousins

On Friday, Christmas Eve we had Christmas with the cousins!  It was soo much fun and Hill got soo much loot!
(the photos are in no particular order)
Addie & Hill playing with the singing pot
from Aunt Jane Claire
Hill doesn't share very well

Madison & Addie
opening presents

Shane Preston
being a cutie patootie

Ahhh...I love my pillow pet.
Thanks Shane Preston!

Opening his first ever present

Madison & Hill
hanging out

Madison being sweet

Climbing in the box is super fun

Still trying to open presents

Making food in my
singing pot
(see Bentley the dog trying to eat what Hill is cooking up)

Merry Christmas

I'm gonna take a nap on my
pillow pet.

Climbing in more boxes

Hill In The Box

Lounging with Dada
What a great way to start up the Christmas festivities!  We sure love playing with the cousins!

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