Monday, December 20, 2010

Snobby Goose

Being my first born Katie Lou pretty much lays down the law of the land at the Hawkins household.  She barks, we all obey.  It's obscene.  Last time my mom was here I asked if she was exhausted from playing with Hill all day.  She said, No it's the dogs, they constantly want or need something, inside / outside, food, bark.  The sad thing is, it's soo true.  My dogs are needy. 

Katie has never known what it's like to be abandoned or live in a shelter while my other two, Foster and Foxy Mama, that's where they came from the shelter and the street.
The other day we were watching this animal resuce special on tv with all the less fortunate animals....I sat next to Katie who was "resting her eyes" on the leather couch ontop of a down comforter in the nice cozy house and tried to explain to her how blessed she really is.  I reminded her that she has a nice cushy warm place to lay, food in her special bowl seperate from the other two dogs bowls, water in her cup on the nightstand incase she gets thirsty in the middle of the night, toys to play with, a mommy that gives her kisses. After I explained all of this to her she cut her eyes at me in a snobby way and growled, YES GROWELD, as if to say, whatever lady. 

Katie will be 11 years old next month.  Over the years Katie Lou has acquired many many nicknames.  Katie, Lou Lou, Kathryn Lucifer (when she's bad), Chip calls her Terd, Old Timer, Antique, but what we call her 9 times out of 10 is Goose. 

When she was little I use to tell her she was a silly goose.  Then she just became Goose or when she's being sweet it's Goosey.  She's a spunky 11 year old!  She's a real snuggle bunny and any time she gets snuggled in a cozy spot and you start looking for her or call her name....she doesn't get up.  She expects you to come find her.  It's hard finding a 20 lb white dog in a messy 2,400 sq foot house.  Can you find my Goose?
Where's Katie Lou?

There herz is! 
Snuggled in the laundry basket with the dirty clothes!
She has a ton of 'Club Houses' through out the house.  Namely, underneath my hanging clothes in my closet or under Hill's crib.  She's a mess.  She's a handful.  But I love my Goosey Lou and her stinky breath, grey bootie and crooked teeth!

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