Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Addie Brooks!

Last night we celebrated my niece Addie's 1st Birthday! 
What a fun time with all the cousins!

Her birthday is really on the 28th, but since she lives in
Gulfport we thought we'd start the festivities early!

Cookie Monster Cake!

Madison & Addie
Cookie Monster on her plate

Birthday Girl!

Eating Cookie Monster

Hill looking on....

All the cousins!
Hill (11 months), Madison (4), Addie (1), Shane Preston (3)

Ohhh....I ate too much Mama.
Yes, he did eat too much.  He ate goldfish, a hotdog weenie, 2 or 3 rolls, a bite of steak, a bite of potatoes, birthday cake and 14 thousand cheese puffs.  When it came time for bed he drank his milk (because we stopped formula this week) and his tummy was filled to the top with so much junk he simiply just threw up.  No warning, no nothing, just threw up everywhere.  Poor little buddy.  It never phased him, he never cried, I was calm - I called for Chip who came in the room only to flip out and start gagging.  I gave him our son, told him to bring me paper towels and a trash bag and get outta the way.  It really is different when it's your own kids throw up....for me at least.  Not so much for Chip.

Anyway, we all had a great time.  Adrienne Brooks is turning ONE and Hill is just a couple of weeks behind her! 

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Jan Johnson said...

Love the cookie monster cake!