Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baaahhhhh (Ball)

My goodness we have been busy busy.  Hill wanted me to make sure I shared with you the best day of his life thus far.  I will set the scene for you...
Meredith and Gavino (my BFF from home and her hubby) came to visit. 

There is not much to do around here so I gave them the Dirt Cheap experience.  We found fun stuff like a Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville machine ($40) for me and a big ball pit ($3) for Hill.  So, Saturday night we had the Pettit's over for some grilled chicken and margaritas (even though it was 30 degrees outside.)  I decided that Hill would probably like to go ahead and have his birthday ball pit since every thing to him is a "baaahhh"  (ball.)  This kid is totally from the south; every word is long and drawn out.  Daaahhhgg (dog) baaahhh (ball) and some times Dada is 'shortened' to Daaaahhhh.
I blew up the ball pit with an air pump - it was WAY bigger and poofier than I imagined.  Once I put the balls in, Hill was in Heaven.  Not only were there 100 balls in one single location for him to toss, play, chase but they were in a bouncy pit!  He could get the bounce going and do his other favorite thing...dance...and have a ball (pun intended.)
Tanner joined in... You will just have to see for yourself what fun these two had....

Mere & Whit watching Hill play with the balls

Static Electricity Hair

Everyone playing!

Tanner trying to watch the TV

Tanner dancing with his smooth moves

What can we do with this bowl?

Let's put it on your head Tanner!

Boy talk....no girls allowed.

I think this is about the time that Tanner told Hill
he was going to 'fart on him'

Hill forgave him for trying to poot on him
(sweet hugs)

The ball pit is a cloud from Heaven above

Tired little boys!

But Wait!
We had to have a parade!

Tanner on the Dino and Hill on the Choo Choo
and Mama's big caboose!

We had a great time with May May & G and are so glad the Petttit's came to play too!

Side note:  We hade to totally rearrange Hill's room so the ball pit could fit in there on the carpet.  He figured out how to get in and out and on the tile floor that is an accident waiting to happen.  The boy would probably live in there if I'd let him.  I found a grape in it and some swiss cheese so I know he's been eating in there!  I guess it's still cleaner than the McDonalds ball pit...yuck, the thought of their ball pit makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

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