Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hill's Birthday Party at Daycare

Tomorrow is Hill's day of birth.  Mama Lou is coming this afternoon and I'm sure Hill will be skipping school the rest of the week, so this morning Hill had his birthday party at daycare.  I have to say it was pretty precious.  The teachers were so nice to humor me and play along knowing that none of the kids had any idea what was going on.
Plus, who doesn't want white chocolate covered marshmellows with sprinkles and sugar cookies for breakfast?  I guess they figured it would be good for them to go ahead and get cranked up on sugar then crash for their nap.

Hill (front middle) and his Peeps

Tough crowd

Birthday Boy!

I think he likes the stick the marshmellow is on.


Thanks for helping feed me Ms. Judy

Ms. Judy

Mrs. Horne
(subbing for Mrs. Trista)

Pearce in on the goods

Anna loves the cookie!

Facinated Anna

Rowan is not so happy about the situation

Now Rowan is good to go
Rhett is gnawing on his marshmellow (right)

Britton is a pro

She said, "I've got this."
Double fisting


Singing Happy Birthday to Hill!
Happy Birthday to Hill!
Happy Birthday dear Hill....

Everyone wrapping up the celebration
(Hill's bed is the one between the windows)

This is what the marshmellows looked like.
The choclate got a little harder than I thought, but it was still good
Thanks everyone for helping Hill celebrate his first school party!  We look forward to many more treats and goodies through out the year!

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