Friday, January 21, 2011

Hill's Baptism

At 5:30 pm Sunday, January 16, 2011 my sweet boys purity, innocence and selflessness shined through.  It was the most precious moment in the past year I can remember other than his birth.  In a sense it was his rebirth.  He was baptized at St. Matthews  Episcopal Church by Bishop Duncan M. Gray III.  What an honor that the Bishop himself was able to perform the ceremony and baptism that night.

Since my family from Texas flew in for Hill's birthday they were able to be there Sunday night to witness such a glorious moment in his life, in our life.  Chip and I chose Hart & Whitney Pettit to be Hill's godparents.  We are so fortunate that they accepted and were willing to do anything asked and take such a special time so seriously.  Thanks Hart & Whit, we sure love you guys.

I think Whitney said it best and it brings happy tears to my eyes just thinking about that moment.  She said, "I don't think I'll ever forget the look on that sweet child's innocent face as he was being baptized."  It's true, I'm not sure anyone in that whole church will.  When the Bishop came to me to take Hill, Hill reached out to the Bishop as if he was his long lost friend and had known him his whole life.  When the Bishop cupped the water with his hand over Hill's head and face three times as he blessed him in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit the water ran over Hill's thin golden hair, over his eyes, down his sweet chunky cheeks and onto his freshly starched baptismal outfit.  The child never made a peep, never flinched, never questioned it. 
The Bishop then carried Hill on his hip down the isle stopped in the middle of the church and turned Hill around so he could see all the people in the pews.  He said to him, "Hill, these are your people.  They are here to guide you and teach you.  These are your people."  My son was quiet as a mouse the whole time, absorbing the moment, listening to the powerful but simple Godly words of the Bishop. 
Humbling, pure, innocent, selfless, breath taking, peaceful those are the words that come to mind to describe that event, that experience.  It was wonderful and I don't think there was a dry eye in the church.

On a lighter note...Later in the service I went up to kneel and receive my communion.  Hill came with me and insisted on bringing his puff snacks.  The Bishop asked permission to give Hill a piece of communion and what does my son do?  He slaps the Holy communion out of the Bishop's hand.  Thank goodness he was baptized mere minutes before or I'm not sure what his fate would be.  Just kidding, but it was embarrassingly funny.  I got back to my seat and looked at the alter and Hill left a puff behind on the floor.  I'm pretty sure that may be sac religious or something.

After the ceremony they had a sit down dinner for the Bishop and congregation.  Here are a few pictures from before and after the ceremony.  We aren't allowed to take pictures during church or I'd have a captured the moment to share with you all.

Mimi, Papi, Hill & Uncle Jason
(my step mom, dad and brother)

Papi and Hill

Family Photo

Family Photo with the Bishop

Cracks me up
Looks like Hill is lounging or posing

Whitney, Tanner, the Bishop, Me, Hill, Chip & Hart

Hill, Chip, Mama Lou, Uncle Jason,  Mimi & Papi

The Warrington Family
Allen, JJ & Harvey
Thank you guys for coming!  Love you!

The Pettit Crew

Harvey & JJ

Love it
"Harvey Warrington"

The Pettit's
Gail, Tanner, Bubba, Whitney & Hart
Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful occasion

Allen & Harvey playing

Me & My Chippy

My step mom and dad

My Mom and Brother

Tonya Threet & Greg Cooper

Nana & Hill
(Chip's step mom)

Sweet Mama Lou
(my mom)

Not too sure what Chip is doing?
Sure is funny though!

Jason standing still for an action shot.
Cracks me up.
Love to my family, my church family and our dear friends.  Thank you for making this such a special occasion.

I didn't get pictures of some of the beautiful people that were there in support of Hill.  Sandra "Sassy" Landrum, Ed Wamble, Hill's Aunt Meryl, Uncle Shane & cousin Shane Preston Allen.

We are truly blessed beyond comprehension.

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