Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At 12 Months

I haven't really been one to do updates on Hill's milestones.  Looking back, I guess that is probably an important thing to do, maybe not?  This is a long post that may interest you, maybe not?

At 12 months Hill can officially do anything he puts his mind to, which is quite possibly why he doesn't care to walk just yet.  He simply doesn't feel like it. 

*He can crawl faster than a cheetah.  Why walk when you can crawl at the speed of light?

*He can pull up on everything and stand up with out holding on until he realizes that he's not holding on then he panics and falls to his bootie.

*He pushes all of his toys by walking behind them or scooting them across the floor. The remotes to the TV have officially been through WWIII.

*He can give five, clap when you say 'yay,' point at everything, bang the cabinet doors.  Chip and I took the cheap route and used rubber bands to hold the cabinets together.  I think we may have to splurge since he's figured out how to reach through and grab my breakables.  Just this week we've had a corning ware ramekin fatality and a casualty with the butter dish.

*He jib jabs on and on about everything.  I would give anything to decipher his little language.  He even shakes his head yes and no as if to agree or disagree with himself.

*He shakes his head yes or no if you ask him a question or present him with something he does or does not want.  I'm not 100% sure he has really mastered the art of differentiating yes from no and vice versa. But it is certainly hilarious that he thinks he knows so much.

*My favorite is when he gives kisses.  He can be stingy with them but when he's not it's a kissy face attack.  He doesn't really have the smack part of the kiss down, but he says "mmm ahh" while he goes in for the open mouth face plant.  It's awesome.  He knows I like it so sometimes when he doesn't want to go to bed he repeatedly gives kiss after kiss after kiss.

*For about a month now everything goes straight to his ear like a telephone and he says, "hello?"  Got a remote - goes to the ear, "hello?" Got a can of beans - goes to the ear, "hello?"  The other day Chip found his old cell phone and so now Hill is hot stuff with his new tele.  All the ladies be hittin' him up.  Lord help us when he starts texting.

*If only these ladies knew how bad he hates his diaper being changed.  He's in size 4 diaper.  We haven't found a diaper brand that we 'love' so we do everything from Wal-Mart brand & Target brand to Pampers. It's frustrating not knowing what he's most comfortable in.  The comfort level of my panties is muy importante to me so I try to pay Hill the same respect and get him in some comfy panties.

*It's hard work being so cute and Hill gets so mad when it's time to change clothes.  I have some very awesome clothes changing skills.  You have to be quick on your feet and find distracting things for him to play with, like a shoe or a diaper or the rectal thermometer.  It's all about creativity in our house. 

*He still has the cutest tiny hiney.  At 12 months he can wear 9 month pants because the 12 month pants don't have a place to 'hang' from.  He has this bad habit of when his pants are too big and get in the way of his crawling at lightening speed...he just takes them off.  The boy gets it honestly - I hate pants...and shoes.
I will say that not only did he get his daddy's no-butt-at-all he got his big head too.  Bless his heart, right?  Sometimes it's hard for shirts head holes to fit over his noggin.  I have to give up some mornings and just start over because the shirt can't make it over the head.

*Poor fella, the only thing he doesn't mind me mucking with him about is his boogers.  I'm obsessed with the asperator aka booger sucker and I guess after 12 months Hill gave into my addiction.  97% of the time when he sees it he will stop what he's doing, give in and lean his head towards me and open his mouth for me to stick the booger sucker in his nose.  It's sad to be quite honest with you.  I think he's grown to like it. He usually coughs then smiles.

*His vocabulary consists of  dog- which is everything furry, dada, ball, mama, juice - sounds like choos, shoe - the s noise is new and it's like a shushing sound - sshhuuss - much like juice.  He can say bye bye which is always accompanied by a wave.  The other day I picked up my keys and his bag and he said bye bye.  I guess our little routine is sticking!  He says ba which is bottle - I'm having trouble getting him to drink the regular milk out of a sippy cup for me in the mornings and night so he still gets a bottle 2 times a day.

*Just this week he has decided to cry when I leave him at daycare.  I guess we have a good track record if this is just starting?  It breaks my heart.  He loves school, his teachers and his friends. He eats good food (he's my son, we revolve everything around good food.)  I guess he just loves me more, which is nice and gives me a warm fuzzy feelings but is still hard to just walk away from my baby boy. *sniff sniff*
*He sleeps from about 8:00 pm to 6:30 or sometimes 7:30 in the morning without us having to get up.  He is a restles sleeper and is a little bit everywhere when he sleeps, which is why he hates our bed.  That's fine with me!  He takes 2 naps a day one from like 9:30 to 10:45 or so then another afternoon nap at 1:30 to usually 3:00.

*Thank goodness the boy is not a picky eater, so far. The only thing I've found he dislikes is pickles, cucumbers and things that are really really cold.  He will at least try anything once and when he gets full he starts either giving the left overs to the dogs or spitting it out like it's gross.  He does get in certain modes come dinner time.  Sometimes he wants you to feed him but most of the time he wants to feed himself.  He can't use the utensils by himself just yet and throws a tantrum when he can't try to fling the food on the spoon across the room.  He also likes to play the trick where if you are feeding him he clamps his teeth down on the spoon and you can't get it out of his bear trap; as he is laughing through clinched teeth. 

*Speaking of... he has 6 teeth.  Three on the top in a row and three on the bottom in a row.  They are the top front two and the one next to it on the left, and the bottom front two and the one next to it on the left.  I think his teeth are made of steel.  Since everything still goes directly into his mouth the other day as we were grocery shopping he picked up a tin can and was playing with it.  When I put it on the counter to pay I noticed two little dents on the top of the can.  The little monster was trying to bite through the can!  That can't be healthy for his tiny teefees.

*Bathtime is something he and I always look forward to.  99% of the time I'm usually the bath giver.  I've always heard these horror stories about babies "dropping the kids off at the pool," "talking the Browns to the superbowl," you know...going #2 in the tub.  This has only happened once and he was too tiny for it to count or for me to be traumatized.  He's not a real pee'er in the tub either.  He's tt'd outside of the tub a couple of times standing there in the buff while I was filling it up with water.  I can handle that.  All in all, what a good little bath taker I have who loves to play with toys and cups and splash and not send his mama screaming out of the room in a panic due to a floater.  (I know, I know...I have officially jinxed myself)

*At bed time he requires a pillow like a grown up and something soft.  This can be a blanket or a teddy bear. We have done away with the paci and it was not hard at all.  We figured since he will have another surgery in the next 4-5 months we better be proactive about doing away with it and it literally took like a day of just not giving it to him.  Now if he finds one, he sticks it in or if we are in public and I feel an I.B.S. (irritable boy spaz) coming on I'll give it to him.

*He watches the Sprout channel, Disney channel, or Bloomberg in the morning with his Dada.  Every morning I wake up change his diaper warm his milk and then Dada takes over while I get dressed.  Then I get him and go to daycare then work.  It's a nice little routine and Hill prefers his Dada in the morning and Mama at night.

*The boy is a dancer.  He must keep a constant beat in his head because out of the blue he will just bust a move and start cutting a rug.  He's got the bootie shake and pelvic thrust and the infamous white guy bounce dance down pat.  He moves to the rythm of the music which amazes and cracks me and Chip up every time.

*He is a little Evil Knievel. He is a climber and a balancer - simply put - a dare devil.  For someone who can't walk - he sure can climb into and on top of everything.  His favorite stunt is climbing into the laundry basket.  He's also really good at helping me unfold clothes.  I fold, he unfolds.  It's a great system if you are trying to not be productive.

Next milestone on our list other than walking is getting his first real haircut.  The boy has a mass quantity of fine, silky beautiful blonde blonde hair.

There are probably thousands of little antics that he does which I am unintentionally leaving out.  He's a boy through and through and keeps us on our toes.  Wouldn't have it any other way!

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