Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Executive Decision

Some of you may know that my boss turned in his resignation at the beginning of the year.  I was really really sad.  So after January 14th, his last day, we've been without supervision. (Total lie, but makes the story more fun.) 

I have decided that when my new boss - who is still to be determined - comes into the Presidential office the first thing on his/her budget will be to get a toilet seat warmer and instant hot water heater for the sink in their office bathroom.  Priorities, priorities.  I know it's not my bathroom but I like to use it because it's close to my office.  My only qualm is that it's like a little igloo in there, no less than 30 below zero, it even has the square tiles like little ice blocks in an icey institutional color.  It's not a fancy bathroom, probably as big as a coat closet, but very convenient.  I've always had this fear that when I'd go in there to potty I'd come out and he would have someone in his office for an important meeting with the door shut and there I'd be - the awkward toilet flusher with toilet paper stuck to my shoe and water all over my blouse from the water in the sink splashing back up on me.  I've heard of that happening (the walking out to find them in a meeting part), just not to me...yet - - believe it or not...I swear.

So, back to my unknown new boss' priority.  The toilet seat warmer.  I've googled it.  A Toastie Tush who promises to "never sit on a cold toilet seat again" is about $40 plus shipping and handling.  We could do away with suckers for the little kids for a month or two to save the money so that my tushie is cozy when I tt.

Then the instant hot water heater for the sink would be a must too.  I've googled it.  A Watts hot water recirculating system has no price listed, but that is ok because "this unique product connects easily to existing plumbing.  It saves up to 15,000 gallons of water per year and up to 10% of your water bill."  What a great investment, it pays for itself!  The bank can thank me later.

So once my sales pitch is given to my new boss, if he/she is buying into it I may request personalized towels instead of that scratchy paper towel mess - - and a towel warmer - - unless I feel like that's pushing my luck a little too much.

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DenKag said...

That could be his/her welcoming present...on the company tab, of course! Welcome, here's your toilet seat warmer!