Monday, January 24, 2011

The Perfect Sunday

Sunday was an awesome day!  Chip played with Hill that morning and let me sleep until 9:30 am.  I can't remember the last time I was able to do that.  Thanks, Poo ~ I love you!  We went to church and I guess since Hill was baptized last weekend he thought he was officially in the clear to jib jab and talk loud all through church.  *sigh*
After church we went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things and as the produce guy was helping me bag my grapes Hill decided that the grapes looked like balls.  So he starts yelling and pointing Ball! Ball! Ball!  The produce guy was not amused.  I guess Hill was 'that' kid that is annoying and the parents (me) didn't do anything about it.  I just laughed.  Seriously, you would be amazed at how many things look like a ball.  The knobs on the cabinets in our kitchen, light bulbs, and my personal boob.  The other night Hill was in the bathtub and I didn't want to get my shirt all wet so I stripped to my bra and my genius son decides that my boob is a ball!  Great, he's one.  I can picture it now and it inevitably leads to public humiliation.
Anyway, back to my perfect Sunday...we went out to the Warrington's house to watch football with the Pope's and Pettit's.  Hill and Harvey had a great time playing and it was finally beautiful and nice enough outside to ride in the wagon outside!  Yay!  Hill had a blast!
Thanks Mrs. JJ for pulling us around!

Sweet Boys

Handsome Harvey
(love this picture)


Abby dog decided to get in on the fun!

Hill's 2nd favorite word

Whheee!  I love the wagon!

Off roading pushing the wagon through the grass

Look At Me!


Playing with Harvey's hat collection

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