Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hold Please

Ok, so I am trying to gather all the birthday pictures I can from Hill's successfully adorable 1st birthday party and precious baptism.  If you have some please send.  I hope to be able to download my pictures of this fun family and friend filled weekend by tonight....that's my goal but only if God will allow another 5 hours to this glorious day.

I leave you on a funny note.  As you may know, I'm on week 3 of Couch to 5K.  I'm pretty sure last night I ran a full marathon in the rain with my brand new running tenny hoppers.  It was a rough 3 minute straight run but I know a week and a half ago I couldn't have done it.  Seriously.

So this morning I decided I should get on the scale since I haven't been on it in a week and a half just to see if there was any progress.  Remember I'm not doing this for the weight loss, that part is just going to be a bonus.  So, I tap the scale and step on and it reads 27 pounds less than a week and a half ago.  I was like NO WAY, certainly I would know if about 30 lbs dropped off my ghetto bootie.  So, I tapped the scale again and got back on.  It wouldn't register this time.  So I did it again...got off tapped the scale then got back on - - I hadn't let the scale calibrate!!!  PUNK.

I haven't lost any lb's.  No biggie, it's just a square thing numbers pop up on, right?  Why would I let it try to get the best of me?  I mean really it's not like it was intentionally playing evil evil tricks on me.  It's not like when I got off of it it let out a burst of laughter.... or did it?

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Ruth said...

Way to go!!! Very proud of you. I always go by how my clothes fit not the scale anyways.