Monday, January 31, 2011

Playing Hookie

Hill is home.  Daycare called about an hour after I dropped him off that he 'frew up' and since vomit is my department in the Hawkins household, I'm at home.  We got home and I gave him a bath to get the 'frow up' smell off and we brushed his teeth, which he loves.  Then he proceeded to eat 67,000 goldfish and drink his juice while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I think the boy is playing the system.  Why do I think that?

Last week he cried EVERY morning that I dropped him off.  In all his 54 weeks of life he's never cried when I drop him off.  This morning he didn't cry a bit...because he had a plan up his little tiny 3 inch sleeve. 

The boy is teething.  He must be teething super bad because he's drooly and he's not the drooly type.  After 6 teeth he's a pro.  The reason I say this is because since he's teething his WHOLE hand stays in his mouth.  It's his party trick.  I'm of the opinion that he potentially gagged himself and ended up throwing up. 

I like to try to think on the positive side of things, maybe that makes me nieve.  I don't want to belittle the fact that he may be sick so I'm keeping an eye on him, but so far no more frowing's all a big conspiracy that Hill conjured up to come home and eat goldfish, watch Mickey, play with his toys and jump on the dogs. 

He just might be a smart little cookie, that Hill Hawkins, but I might just be a tad bit smarter.  I'm researching how I can put him in a bubble and send him to school with out all the other kids making fun of him.  Well, the kids in his class are probably not at a "making fun of" stage yet.  They'd probably just want to push his bubble around the room and point at it and say baaahhhlll (ball) really loud.  The pointing could potentially be scarring to his little ego - - I may have to rethink this.  Ok, so maybe Hill is smarter than me.

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The Hendrix Family said...

you are hilarious. bless him!!

hope he is "feeling better" today.
loved seeing you for 2 seconds pumping gas last night.