Thursday, February 03, 2011

Wagons & Bluegrass

So, Saturday January 29th was awesome!  Awesome weather, awesome outside time, just awesomely awesome.  It was warm out so Chip, Hill and I threw on our shorts and tshirts and headed out to the Country Club to tool around.  Chip wasn't feeling 100%, but with the great weather he couldn't miss out!  So he wanted to put his fishing boat in the water and run it after the winter and Hill and I loaded up the wagon and I pulled him on the dirt road around the lake.  The boy loves his wagon, but seriously LOVES his wagon outside.  Here are a few pictures of him being too cool for school.
all pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't of great quality

Later Saturday night Hill and I had a date.  We went to the 7th Annual Attala County Bluegrass Concert.  Here he is in his boots and jeans and adorable jacket with his toothbrush in his mouth. (Daddy stayed home)

It was a great time and Hill, being the dancing machine he is, danced and danced to Nash Street.  Well, I say Hill and I had a date, but I'm 100% sure that he had his eye on a sweet cute girl all night...the little flirt has a crush on Hollee Cheek.  I swear.  A special thanks to Hollee for letting Hill stare and flirt with you all night.  I'm sure Taylor was getting a bit jealous.  For those of you that don't know Hollee, she's not Hill's age.  She's close to my age, but younger, and cuter, and pretty.  Hill loves him some Hollee.  I wish I had taken pictures, but I didn't really know if I could while the concert was going on. 
Hill also had a great time playing with Greyson Kyle and Tanner Pettit.  Greyson is so sweet, he told Hill that he was a pretty baby.  Tanner is always fun too, he and Hill ate puffs and gave hugs to each other.  Hill would grab onto Tanner and squeeze.  Tanner would say "Let go of me!"  Then turn around and give Hill a little lovin.  They are so funny.

At about 8:15 pm we left the concert and went to a candlelight prayer vigil for a local woman, Vickie Ellington, who has been missing since Thursday.  My heart is so heavy and my mind is so shocked that something like this would happen around here in Kosciusko.  Vickie is a customer of mine, she's in Rotary with me, and a local business owner.  It's very uncharacteristic for her to have just disappeared, especially since she is the caregiver to her second grade grandson.  My mind just can't comprehend any scenario of her missing.  Please keep her family in your prayers and pray for guidance for the law enforcement in her search.

Then Sunday it was a rainy day.  Total opposite of what Saturday was.  We stayed inside all day and watched TV and played.  Here is Hill sitting in his big boy chair eating pretzels and drinking juice with his pillow pet.

 Wish all weekends were this fun!  I can't wait for warmer weather!


Hollee said...

Rachel Hawkins! This made my day, what a great birthday gift!

JJ and Allen said...

Oh so sad we were sick for this beautiful, fun weekend but glad yall got to enjoy it :) Looks like you had fun!