Tuesday, February 08, 2011

X, Drugs & Rock n' Roll

My blog is titled No Really....This Is My Life for a reason.  All in one day this is what happens to us.

We had to have X-rays done to make sure Hill doesn't have pneumonia again.  He doesn't, he has bronchitis, but the X-ray process was too humorously sad to not make a photo op out of.  I'm a mean ol' mommy and as my son is crying, stuck and uncomfortable what do I do?  Ask if I can take pictures.  If the xray person were anyone else but Sukie (who takes photos of both our insides and outsides) I may not have taken the pictures....but I knew she wouldn't think less of me for doing so.
Mrs. Sukie putting Hill in the
Xray contraption


PLEASE!  Someone help me!
So after the doctor visit for both me and Hill we get sent home with tons and tons of drugs.  We've decided that at the doctors office we have our own suite since we are there so often.  It's called the Hillton.  Then we've taken it upon ourselves to name the new addition to the 'pharmacy area / drive trhu' at our local pharmacy the Hawkins wing.

My stash is on the left and Hill's stash is on the right
Then once we got home we found our drumsticks and played a little rock n roll.
on the coffee table

action shot

on the floor mat

on the tile
Just a normal day at the Hawkins residence.....


sm2 said...

Poor thing! I've never seen a baby x-ray'er. Hope you both get well soon!

Ruth said...

Poor baby! I never knew how they got x-rays from babies that looks frightening.
I hope both of you get well soon.

Lisa Blair said...

Aw, look at his poor little arms all stuck up like that. Poor thing... definitely humorously sad.