Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing In The Sand

As we were driving down Highway 90 this weekend after we left the Childrens Museum I decided to bite the bullet and take pictures of Hill in the sand.  I'm a weird-o that really doesn't much care for the gritty crevice clogger known as sand.  It gets everywhere and never goes away...like glitter.  I hate glitter.  I know, poo poo on your parade with sunshiney sand and happy glitter.  I'd rather stick a fork in my eye.  No apologies. 

But...since my son is so stinkin' adorable and he had on a cute little outfit I decided to cease the moment.  Since it was 70 degrees, I took off his undershirt and rolled up his pants and voila - it's summer time at the beach in the middle of February.

We passed this street on the way.
I thought it was super cute

Sand Angels

I'm not 100% sure he was a fan of the sand touching him either.
We do love the water, but the sand is just so...everywhere.

Eating the sand was not very yummy

It was the best I could do.
He wouldn't look up because the sun was too bright

Naked time because Mommy hates sand!
It still managed to get in my car.
Ugh, Pesky Sand.

 Just a reminder....
This is what we were doing the week before.

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DenKag said...

His little beach outfit is adorable!!!