Friday, February 11, 2011

Cooking On The Farm

Since Hill and I were a little under the weather we didn't get to go play at the Warrington's for the Super Bowl party last Sunday.  So, we cooked all afternoon.  We made so many fresh foods with fresh meats and veggies from the farm.  Hill is quite the master chef, he gets that from his daddy.
Here is a taste of what all Hill cooked up for us.

Here is Little Chef  Boy-ar-Hill on the farm trying
to figure out what fresh foods to cook first

Here is his cooking pot.
It cracks me up because it sings and sizzles.
(His voice reminds me of Andy Samburg from Saturday Night Live)

Here we have a fresh tomato and beef medley

Then there is always the horse and pea soup.
Which is great to stick in the freezer for those cold winter nights.

Then he simmered a mixture of meats and veggies.
I think he was making the authentic Spanish dish of paella.
In paella you generally put a little bit of everything in it.

This is my favorite gourmet meal of the day -
fresh goat cheese over steamed broccoli

Silly pot head!
I do hope that Hill gets his daddy's creative cooking skills.  For those of you that don't know, I can't tell you the last time I've cooked a meal.  Chip is the cook at our house and he loves do I!  I can only hope that Hill enjoys the art of cooking as much as his daddy.  Sure is a way to a womans heart!

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