Friday, February 04, 2011

Big Top Kosciusko

The circus came to town!  The circus came to town!  The other day I went to a local fast food joint and saw that Thursday, February 3rd the circus would be coming to town.  Since I still consider myself a new mom I had to ask around to see what it was all about before Chip and I ventured into the unknown.  I knew it would be second rate.  By no means a Barnum and Bailey act. 
So since Hill hasn't been to the big circus yet, I figured he wouldn't know the difference because this one would have dogs instead of lions and a kangaroo instead of elephants.  I have to admit I was a little nervous.  I didn't know what to expect, but Chip and I agree it was way better than we expected.  It was entertaining enough that we will probably take Hill again next year.  He loved it.

Waiting for the circus to start

The circus ring

Hill ready for the show to start!
They let the kids sit at the edge of the ring to watch

The Amazing Victor
(it was pretty amazing because they didn't have mats
underneath if he fell)

Watching The Amazing Victor

Reina and her monkey
(For those of you non spanish speakers, Reina means Queen)
I guess she was the queen of the monkey?

Whoa, Monkey he got close to us!

The monkey climbing on the curtain

Mom, did you see that?

The Amazing ?? was balancing on this board on a rolling thing
(All the performers are "The Amazing" something)

In a trans

Hill loved him.  When he juggled the balls...
What did Hill say?  Baahhhh!!

My sweet boys

Balancing a sword with breakables on the end by the
tip of a dagger in his mouth.
I think this guy was Chip's favorite.  He said he'd be a great
guy to have at parties to do tricks.

The Clown, who was also
"The Amazing Victor"

Reina and her Amazing Dogs
Of course Hill liked the dogs too

The Amazing 'I couldn't pronounce her name'
She spun on the rope and did tricks.


Ok, folks.  This is where it gets serious.  They brought out this kangaroo.  His name was Jack.  Now, I don't guess I've ever seen a kangaroo up close, but they are weird.  I'm an animal lover but a kangaroo is just an awkward animal.  I think their shoulders goob me out because it's like a backwards shoulder blade arms or something.  I know that makes zero sense, but I have no idea how to explain it.  I will say I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and neither had Chip.  I think Hill was just as perplexed as I was.  They brought Jack out to fight with the clown in a boxing ring.  Strange.  Yes.  Entertaining.  Yes.  I could probably watch it all day in one of those train wreck can't look away type of ways. 

I feel sorry for the kangaroo, where does he sleep?  Do they just play fight with him all the time or can he watch tv with them in their hotel room?  Where does he go to the bathroom?  Does he have friends other than the monkey or dogs?  I'm just so confused about this kangaroo.  He's so strange.  Is that why he's a part of the circus?  Do all kangaroos look that strange?  I have so many questions about him and his life.  I guess I'll never know.

We had such a Big Time at the Big Top that I don't think Hill made it out of the parking lot before he was out like a light.  What a great family night!  Now see, there can be fun entertaining things to do in The Land of Koz.


l cummins said...

I almost want to say that I hate I missed that. That fighting kangaroo must have been a hoot!

Lisa Blair said...

You had me ROTFL with your kangaroo comments! Too funny!