Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lynn Meadows Childrens Museum

Do yourself a favor and go to Gulfport, MS and visit the Lynn Meadows Childrens Museum.  It's worth the $7 (or $5 if you have a coupon) Hill and I both had an absolute BLAST!  We can't wait to visit the Childrens Museum in Jackson now and revisit the one on the coast again, hopefully next month!  I was so worried with him only being 13 months old that he wouldn't "get it" and would just stare at the other kids, but Lord was I wrong.  Look at all the fun things this little man did all in one day!

The Museum

There was a Mardi Gras Parade and the Chick-fil-a cow was there!
Hill was not too sure about the cow so I had hold him.
PS - The cow is in the red cape - - not the one holding Hill.


Here is where the parade was and all the people

People were dressed up really silly

We even made silly hats!
Hill had a dog with a mardi gras mask on.

He drove a rocket ship!

Dressed up at the old timey hotel

Shopped in the pretend grocery store

Bought a steak!

Picked out his own crab

Checked out the produce
or 'ball' as he called it then threw it on the ground.

rowed a boat in the green room
Outside the green room was a camera that made it look
like Hill was rowing through the water

There was a disabilities section where kids could see
what it's like if you are in a wheel chair and how to get through
gates.  There was an area where you test your senses as if you
were blind or deaf.  Very interesting.

Played dinosaurs

Explored with his safari hat

Tamed wild horses

Built with big blocks

Listened to the blocks

Met a friend named Conner that has Hill's same birthday!
He is from South Carolina

Looked through the blocks.

checked out the obstacle course

Are you sure it's safe?

Climbing over the obstacle course

In a tent

Watched the other kids pretend they were shrimping

Played in the train car
(I could not get him to leave this area)

Climbed every step to every tree house in sight

Looked out from the top of the tree house

Mama, You So Silly!

Investigated the leaves

Going through the tunnel

Peeking out the other end

And the portal at the top cracked him up!
Wow, what a day!  I took over 100 pictures, but these are just a few of my favorites.  We had so much fun!

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sm2 said...

How fun! we'll have to check it out when we are down that way for Mardi Gras!