Thursday, February 03, 2011

Week from H- E- Double Hockey Stick

I'm pretty sure everyone in the Hawkins family will agree that they can't wait for this week to be over.  Monday started off ok, then he decided to play hookie by throwing up at school.  So Monday he played and played and we made blueberry muffins and ate them all and got our Valentine Day cards ready for our classmates.
My little love muffin

Yum! Blueberry Muffins!
Tuesday we followed our normal routine and I took him to school at 8:00 only to find out that I couldn't bring him back until 24 hours after he'd last thrown up.  So his daddy came to my office and picked him up and kept him for 2 hours until he could go back to school at 10:00.  He went to school and had a great day. Then....

Wednesday rolled around.  I get a call that his eyes are boogery and he needs to go to the doctor.  So I pick him up and take him to play with his Nana (Chip's step mom) for a few hours until I got out of my meetings and then I took him to the doctor at 1:30.  Dr. Carter is a silly guy and Hill is a silly little boy so you put those two together in a room and it's a Silly Fest!  Hill was slinging his sippy cup around in his mouth to entertain Dr. Carter and Dr. Carter was humoring him on.  Boys, boys boys, I swear.  Good thing we had Mrs. Leigh Ann, our trusty nurse and neighbor around to keep them in check.  So, after Silly Fest 2011 Hill was diagnosed with conjunctavitis (aka pink eye.)  Which is really weird because his eyes aren't pink he just has boogery eyelashes. 

It was so funny...Dr. Carter was explaining to me the meds he was going to give Hill and why -- the whole time Dr. Carter was talking Hill was shaking his head yes, yes, yes, as if he was in total agreeance.  Then Dr. Carter got to the eye drops and Hill shook his head no, no, no.  The kid doesn't even know what eyedrops are but sure did know that he didn't want them!  So we have $50 worth of meds to clear up everything and Hill was right about the eye drops, they are zero fun to put in.  Hopefully all will clear up and he can't go back to school Friday. 
Do you see a pattern?  He's been out everyday this week.  Some of us have to work Hill Hawkins!  Ok, well let me rephrase that ... Your daddy needs to work Hill Hawkins!  Chip has been tending to Hill's every need and is the best Dada around.
So, since he was at the doctor for the second time in less than a month I figured why prolong his 12 month shots?  He's obviously never going to be 100% not sick so here you have it.... The proof that I'm the meanest mama this side of the Mississip' - - the after 3 shots in my legs so sad.

So, to make the best of his Boogery Eye Skip Day...this morning I noticed how bad he needs a haircut.  His thin little hairs fall over his eyes and I'm sure get caught up in his boogery lashes.  NO!  I didn't cut his hair.  I simply pinned it back.  Like a little girl.  His daddy was not happy that I took these pictures as he knew I would blast them all over the internet for the world to see my little boy wearing a clip in his hair.  Sorry daddy-o.  Get your own blog!

Holding onto the hair brush and posing for a picture
with my hair clip holding his hair back
(yeah that's his Christmas PJ's we don't descriminate,
we wear Christmas PJ's year round)

Then he found my headband and tried to pull
his hair back that way.

That lasted like 2 seconds.
Hopefully he will be eye booger free tomorrow, Friday, and can have a full day of school with no vomit or eye boogers or whatever random ailment decides to rear its ugly head.  It's so weird, his eye boogers don't mat his eyes together, they just make little booger balls on his eye lashes.  Was that TMI (too much info)?

Anyway, pray for my little bugga boos speedy recovery.  Not too sure how much more we can take of this!

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Ruth said...

I hope he feels better soon.
As for the hair clip sometimes you have to do what you have to do.