Friday, February 18, 2011

We've Got a Biter

And I don't mean biter in the 'urban dictionary' type way as in a poser or a copy cat.  I mean like throw the boy a freaking raw hide type biter.

Last night I was straightening up Hill's room and folding his blanket in his crib when I noticed all these scuff marks on the rail.  What in the world?  I've never noticed them before - - they were TEETH MARKS!  How could I not notice this?  Probably because I don't ever go to his bed with the lights fully on.  I usually dim them in the morning when he wakes up (as I'm half asleep) and have them completely off whe he goes to bed (as I'm exhausted.)  I changed his sheets last week and didn't notice that his bed had been chewed up like a puppy.  They must be new.

Let's talk this out.  They boy is eating wood.  Stained the weird kid that eats paint chips.  His teeth must be made of steel to do this type of damage to the bed and not break his teeth in half.  His 6 teeth, mind you.  We do brush, which is good because we must get all the wood particles and stain out from between his teeth.  Gee whiz.  He's way to tiny to be in a big boy bed.  He'd fall out because he's a crazy all over the bed sleeper.  I thought I would have to battle him trying to climb out of the crib - - it never crossed my mind I'd have to battle him eating his crib.  Seriously.

Here is the damage.  I'm not sure if you can see it well because I took the pictures with my phone. 
It's a picture of the railing with all the little scuff marks from him just standing up and gnawing on it.

Yes, I have three dogs and one would think I would know how to handle this.  I don't, NONE of my dogs went through a chewing phase, ever.  Not even my chocolate lab.  I guess this is what I get since I'm such a dog lover - a kid that chews up the furniture, but not dogs that chew the furniture.  Foxy Mama did eat a shoe one time, but I just spanked her with it and she never did it again.  I can't spank Hill with his bed.  I can't buy that Bitter Bite Spray so he won't chew on his crib...or can I?  My goodness, his poor teeth.  That can't be good. 

Ok, I just called the dentist to figure out what I need to do.  They make a teething rail for the crib.  Hello!  So glad my son is not the only furniture eater in the world.  I guess I have to go buy some rubbery stuff to put over it.  Lord knows with those chompers he'd start biting off the rubber.  Wonder what tastes better, wood or rubber?  Wonder what is more of a choking hazard, wood or rubber?

I will keep you posted on how that works out.  Good thing they don't use lead base paint anymore.


Leah Maria said...

Oh my! That's a little funny though! I hope he hasn't hurt his teeth from doing this and the teething rail fix works.

Shane, Natalie, Madelyn & Murphy said...

O-dear....Maddie did the same thing...Hope the rail guard works...