Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boys, Tractors, & Man Caves

There is something about boys and tractors.  Maybe it's the big tires, maybe it's the earth moving capabilities, maybe it has something to do with the sound of the engine making testosterone levels rise.  I can't explain it, but it reminds me of how my chocolate lab Foster loves it when Chip goes duck hunting and brings home ducks.  Foster Goes Ballistic.  The dog has never been hunting a day in his life but acts like he waded out in the cold water to bring in the ducks himself.  It's instinct.  That's the only analogy that explains boys and's instinct that they love them.
With that said, Mr. Brent, our awesome neighbor, came over on his tractor Sunday.  He took Hill for a spin and Hill was in awe.
I love it, Mr. Brent!

I'm on a tractor!

Watch, Mom!  We're gonna drive!

Off they went down the road

But they came back

Hill had to do a little work on the lug nuts

Mama! This tire is as big as I am!

Dada showing him man stuff.

Then Mr. Brent smoothed out our driveway.
Is's so handy having handy neighbors with handy toys.

Hill dreaming of how one day he too can have fun toys.

Still in awe over the awesome-ness.

But...But...come back tractor!

Oh, pooey.  Maybe I'll just sit here until he brings it back.

Or better yet, I'll chase after him!

It made Dada sad too.
Guess we will just have to wait for Mr. Brent to come back soon.

We could just go over to Mr. Brent's house to play!

Yay!  We love it at the Davis house!

Mrs. Leigh Ann is there and we love playing with her!

Dirty Butt
Such a little boy

We get kisses from Libby

We played in Mr. Brent's Man Cave

He has a pool table!
It has tons and tons of balls to throw into the pockets!

Rack em' up!

He has an air compressor in his man cave too!
It doesn't get more manly than a day of tractors, pool tables, air compressors and man caves!
Thanks, Brent and Leigh Ann!  You guys are the best.  My little boy sure does love ya'll!
(and the cupcakes you sent home with us)

Did anyone by chance notice that Thursday we had snow pictures and Sunday we are in short sleeves?
Welcome to Mississippi!

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