Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Officially A Race Participant

Hello...who would it be that registered to participate in her first 5K on April 9th?
Ummm - that would be ME!  I'm either on some serious crack or maybe it's because my inspirational, fabulous, patient friend / trainer is awesome and has super faith in me.  There it is ladies and black and white and screenshot proof!  See below... it's true.  There is no backing out now, I've paid and you all know what a tight wad I am - - so I have to do it now.  No time for re-negotiations.
I am also registering for the Double Decker 5K at the end of April.  I was going to register today since I have had this sudden burst of faith in myself, but for some reason it's not set up online yet.    I'll keep you posted.

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