Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 First Country Club Weekend!

It's feeling like summer know what that means!!
Shorts, t-shirts, boats, skiing, fishing, grilling, hanging out and camping at the Country Club!  This weekend was the first weekend the weather was cooperative enough to play! Chip and Hill were ready to get out and about, as was I.  I was at a Rotary conference in Vicksburg, MS all Friday and came home early afternoon Saturday.  We called the Warrington's to see what they were doing and they went and bought us all crawfish for a mid afternoon snack!  Yum!

As it ended up Hill's faulty diaper leaked through and he had to take off his pants.  Instead of changing into new ones just to get all dirty from being outside I let him go pantless.
Who needs pants when you have Mardi Gras beads?
The Mardi Gras beads came from a cabinet in our house that Hill found his way into -- he loves playing with them.  I'm not sure if the fact that he doesn't have on pants and is wearing beads is a good sign for the future though.
What is a good sign for the future is I think my son will actually walk, one day.  He took 11 consecutive steps this weekend.  I think it has to do with the concrete at the Country Club pavilion scratching his knees up.  He didn't like to scoot his knees on it.....

so, he'd try to avoid crawling on his knees

that was tiring so he had to rest

then try again
 It ended up that he'd just sit or stand when he didn't feel like crawling.  He'd walk a bit, but truly no more than 5 or so steps.  11 was the max.
As it ended up...Harvey took off his pants too!

Pants Off, Dance Off!
Silly boys!

Don't mind if I do! Yesterday, Sunday, the temperature was great outside but it was really really windy.  Chip decided he wanted us to go out to the Country Club and fly kites.  We don't own kites.  Since Wal-Mart is always 2 holidays ahead of the fiscal calendar we were sure 4th of July stuff would be out and we'd find one.  Nope. 

Thank goodness the Pettits found these cute tiny micro kites.

How tiny!

I guess I must tell Chip to "Go Fly A Kite" too often...
He's really good at it!

Whitney and Tanner had fun too!

Tan Man running with the kite

Hart & Tanner with their mad kite flying skills.

Sweet Hill supervised

Tanner ate popcicles

And got out his new fishing pole

Don't you just wanna kiss that face?

Hill helping Dada put a cork on Tanners pole

I think Hill thought it was his fishing pole.
We will get him one soon!

Hart putting the worm on the hook while Tanner looks...

The Pettit Boys

Sweet Pettit guys

Whitney, Hart & Chip relaxing & fishing

Tanner napping

Hill being a dare devil and standing in his wagon
while drinking his juice

Got. To. Puuush. The. Wagon!

Hill decided we were carrying too much in the wagon
so he decided to drop some unnecessary weight so I could
pull them around.

Snack time!

I love this picture of Tanner.  The tiny hand coming in from
the left cracks me up though.

My boys headed home

The Pettit's headed home.

What a fun time we had!  No fish were caught, but it was so much fun!  I can't wait for this summer.  Be sure to check out Whitney's blog.  Her pictures turned out way better and are super cute please go CHECK THEM OUT !

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