Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Haircut That Changed My Life

So who knew that someone else getting a haircut could turn my world upside down?  Look at how just a simple trim of my little baby's hair turned him into a little boy in mere nanoseconds.  First haircuts are emotional.  Almost as much as the birthing part.  He didn't cry, but I sure did get a little misty eyed.
*Sniff Sniff

(tiny precious baby)

(sweet baby mullet)

Here we go!

I think it was painful for Hill too.
He did absolutely WONDERFUL though.
Didn't fuss and kept a good grip on Ms. Jackie's
little toy truck.
(PS - How cute is the little camo cape?)

In process
(can you see the transformation of baby to boy?)

Are we done yet?
I've gotta take this truck off roading.

Ta Da!
All done!  He's officially a little boy!

With no baby mullet


The Pettits said...

i love the big boy hair cut. his hair is just like my nephews. it reminds me of dennis the mennace! so cute!

sm2 said...

He looks adorable, but makes me even more sad to cut Sullivan's mullet!