Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last Wednesday, February 9th we had TONS of snow.  Not like sleet rainy ice slush snow - Like real Colorado powdery fluffy make a snowman snow.  Since Hill was in the process of getting over bronchitis we didn't let him get down and play in it.  We just took a few pictures to document the event then pulled him down the street in the wagon. Here are a few pictures (Part 2 will be the pictures our neighbor took that I'm waiting on)
This is my car as I left work. 
Only a couple hours of snowfall.

Me and Hill
This outfit reminded me of "A Christmas Story" with Ralphie's little
brother all bundled up to where he can't move.  Hill had the spring action going on.
He couldn't sit up - he'd fall over on his back.  Poor fella.

My sweet guys

Sweet Snow Bunny and Hubby

Chip pulling Hill in the wagon
See, the umbrella can be used for rain, sun or snow!

Evening Snow Stroll

Hill said, "Parents! What are we doing?"

I changed him out of his "Christmas Story" outfit into
something he could actually move around in.
His Columbia Jester fleece rocks!

The Simpsons House
(Our neighbors)

Foster...Don't Eat The Yellow Snow!

I'm not sure if you can tell what this is...
It's Foster laying down smiling with Chip's Griswald Cousin Eddie
rabbit fur lined hat on his head.

Part 2 to come once my neighbor emails her pictures to me.  Hurry up, Leigh Ann!  Just kidding, Love.

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