Monday, January 24, 2011

Never Forget To Remember...

Now that Hill is a year old I'm able to look back and think about what we were doing with him a year ago today.  Hill was 12 days old and I remember where we were and what we were doing vividly just like it was yesterday and not 364 days ago.  We were on our way to our very first cleft team visit in New Orleans (which I didn't post about until July 23rd.)
The appointment was on January 25th and pretty much changed my perspective on life, children, blessings, God, and many other things.  I'm glad that day is over, but it still doesn't take away the reality of the sad things I saw in that hospital clinic or the memory of the hour and a half I stared at my child in that clinic, never looking up just thanking God repeatedly that he was healthy, that he was mine, that all the prayers that were said by everyone before he was even born were answered.  It was a long day, an informative day, an emotional day.  Chip was my rock.  Hill was a trooper.  I was a changed person.
I don't regret going to New Orleans to the Cleft Team, it was educational and definately answered questions and led us in the right direction of what we were looking for in a doctor and surgical facility to do Hill's cleft repair.  It was the beginning of our cleft journey and I hope I never forget to remember that day, it was humbling.

Hill waiting at the New Orleans Cleft Team Clinic
13 days old

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