Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week of Hill

Guess who is turing the big numero uno, un, eins?  No matter how you say it Spanish, French or German my little boy is about to turn the universal number 1 tomorrow.  I'm ok.  Doing better than expected. Haven't cried...yet.  Even after his precious daycare birthday party - I did not shed a tear.

There is so much to do but as you know I'm OCD and have pretty much already done most of it.  I think I've unpacked and repacked all the bags of his birthday party decor thirty eight times.  I've made list after list of the same thing just to cross it off again.  My mom (Mama Lou) is landing today to be here for his big day and help me make stuff.  Kayla is working her creative magic and finishing off the fine details.  The invitiations were sent last week.  It's a Dr. Seuss theme and I have to say the invites were too stinkin' cute.

I'm trying to be conscious of how much this party could cost.  I am a penny pintcher and have to say that I could have already spent a small fortune on this party, but I find it a fun game to see how much I don't spend and still make it the best party ever in the history of Dr. Seuss first birthday parties!  I can't wait for you all to see what I have in store!  Don't want to spoil it, but there will be a 5 foot tall Cat In The Hat and food with names like Trufella Trees and Poodles with Noodles and of course a Pink Ink Yink Drink.  I'm pretty excited!

So, back to the Week of Hill.  His Mama Lou is flying in today, his birthday is tomorrow (Wednesday), Thursday will require a trip to the grocery store and Friday will be decoration day and make everything while Chip goes to the airport to pick up my dad and step mom (Papi & Mimi) and since my brother didn't get to be on the same flight, that night I will go pick him up. 

Then of course Saturday will be his birthday party and full of fun but Sunday is something that I've not yet talked about but is extremely special and important.  On Sunday the 16th Hill will be baptized at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church.  We originally thought that it would be a normal service with his baptism, but plans changed.  You see because of the snowy weather last weekend the Bishop was unable to make his annual local visit.  As it so happens his schedule was open and his visit will be this weekend, what are the odds he was available?!?  The Bishop himself will perform the baptism! What a chain of events that made this special occasion even more precious.  We are so blessed and fortunate that everything played out as it has.  Hill's Godparents, Hart & Whitney Pettit, the congregation, our friends and whole family will all be there to celebrate this glorious occasion. 

So it's his birthday weekend it's his baptismal weekend too...I've been planning 2 events for the past couple of months.  It's been fun trying to find ways to make them so special for everyone!

If you don't hear from me over the next week don't worry I will make it up with no less than 6 million photos of all of the occasions.  If you don't hear from me by the week after that - call the authorities because I may need to be put into the looney bin!  Just kidding!  I'm super excited about the


Ruth said...

I love the party invitations

Leah Maria said...

Happy Birthday Hill!!!!! I hope y'all have a blast! I cannot wait to see pictures of the party.

Christy and Billy said...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday Hill!

Love, Aunt Christy F