Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Friend Harvey

Hill's friend Harvey Warrington was born 6 days before him.  One year later at his birthday party the weather conditions were the exact same as when sweet Harvey came into this world.  I will never forget that I was an emotional wreck because I couldn't go be with JJ and Allen in Jackson when Harvey was born.  JJ and I were able to compare notes and have all the first time pregnancy experiences together and when I couldn't be there for her, I was upset.  The weather that day was calling for snow and ice and my hubby wouldn't let me make the trek being 38 weeks pregnant myself (which I understood, as did JJ.)

Well yesterday, Sunday, Harvey's birthday party day called for 8 degree weather and a snow storm.  It ended up being 28 degrees and the snow wasn't bad but it was icey.  We knew we were going to be there no matter what - come rain, snow, sleet or shine!  Next year I will be better prepared because after like 3 pictures my camera died.  Go figure.  Sorry Harvey!  I just can't seem to get it together sweet lil' man.

He had a bubble themed party and it was super duper cute!

Birthday Boy Harvey!
The Big 1

His bubble birthday cake.
JJ and Amanda did a fabulous job at making it!

The spread
(with the best PBJ sandwich I've ever eaten.  Thanks Allen!)

Hill standing up with his Dada behind him. 
I'm sure Chip is trying to make him walk,
which he doesn't do just yet.

(or bubbles)
Thanks Harvey for inviting us!  We had a great time and can't wait for another year of fun!
Love you!

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