Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hill Brain

There is never a single second in my life that I don't wonder what is going on inside of Hill's little brain.  He's so detail oriented (like his mama) and very ingenuitive (like his dada) that it scares me to death to think that by age 2 he will be probably be doing quadratic equations.

He knows so many words that I can't even name them all.  If you ask him to say something, he can say it.  Thanks to his Dada, if you ask him what a snake says, he says "ssssssssss."  This never gets dull at the Hawkins household.  He's like our little play toy that we get to quiz all the time.  It's so cute and he is so proud of all the things he knows.  Needless to say, we are beyond proud too. He knows things like all the names of his friends at school and can go get the remote to the tv and bring it to you if you ask him.  (Not that I've done that or anything...what? Don't tell me you've never...)

His lip is healing beautifully.  Chip took him to visit Dr. Shell on the 16th and Dr. Shell said he couldn't be more pleased with everything.  All the "landmarks" are lining up and the red/ pink part above his lip will be the last part to heal, hopefully leaving everything perfect.  We are thinking and still praying that this was his last surgery.  He did take a fall at daycare (on June 14th) a couple days before his appointment with Dr. Shell and I miraculously didn't spin into spazmatic convulsions thanks to Mrs. Melinda up at daycare -love you Mrs. Melinda!  It was swollen, it was red, it was bleeding...I really almost threw up - it made me nauscious to think he'd hurt his lip.  Mrs. Melinda gave him a popcicle and we pulled him around in the wagon for a bit which made everything better for me Hill.  Dr. Shell said he could see that he hit it his lip, but it didn't do any damage.  Praise God.  Instruction are to keep his neosporin ointment on it a couple times a day and come back in a month.  Yay!

Even though we may be entring the alledged terrible two's a bit early he still loves his mama and wants me for everything.  What do I do?  Eat it up and thank God for him every day.  What do I do about the tantrums?  Walk away, which really really really makes him mad.  Tough love kiddo.  It's breaking my heart more than yours, so cliche, but so true.

I leave you with these pictures of my creative little boy with his brain at work...

It takes concentration

it takes dedication

and pure talent
to put a stick pretzel into an apple jack hole.

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jamielee79 said...

What a smart little boy! That's awesome that he not only CAN put the pretzel in the apple jack hole but that he had the idea to do it!