Saturday, June 25, 2011

Texas Trip - Saturday, June 11th

Friday we didn't do much.  Mama Lou came to get us and then my best friend in the world, Meredith, who is expecting an adorable baby boy in late August / 1st of September came to town to stay with us and prepare for her baby shower on Saturday.  Mere and I ate dinner at Casa Hernandez.  Yum.  It was so great catching up with her face to face it's like we never skipped a beat even though we haven't seen each other since January!  All the while Mama Lou was keeping Hill back at the hacienda so we could have girl time.  Thanks Mama Lou, you are the best!

Saturday was a big day - Mere's shower was at 4:00.  Mere slept until 1:00.  Lord have mercy on that girls soul.  Let her get her sleeping in now.  I'd give my left arm to sleep until 8:00 now days.  Since we were up at daylight I had gone to visit my aunt, we went riding in the wagon around the neighborhood and visited the sweetest person that walks God's beautiful earth, Dorena. 

Seriously, I want to stop for a minute and let you guys know that Dorena Harrison is the nicest person in the world.  She is on the level of Mother Teresa.  I love her and love that she sends Hill happies in the mail just because, I love that she takes such good care of my mom and is a beautiful person inside and out.  That is very very rare these days and I am so glad to have her in my life.  Thank goodness for blessings like D.

Around 3:00 Meredith's mom Debbie, and sister Paige, came over to our house to play with Hill and bring him a lollipop bouquet before the shower.  They are so stinkin' sweet.  Then it was off to the shower.  I'd been looking forward to this for a long time.  I knew I'd get to see my most favorite people in the world at this shower, some of the people that helped raise me, the person that named me, some of the friends I went to school with and pretty much all the Hancock's who are my surrogate family.  We were all there to celebrate Asher Tate's soon arrival and share the love we feel for our May May.  What a glorious occasion!

Kendra & Kathryn

Mama Lou, Hill, Tres (Meredith's brother), and Jake (Beth's son)

Playing at the kid table

Jake putting together the railroad tracks

Reese Hunter, Hill & Miller Leslie

Mama Lou was in heaven holding Addison Lou.
Spencer & Kendra's new baby girl

Beka & Mere catching up

Miller, Jake & Hill playing
This makes my heart so happy.  I love that my best friends growing up children are playing with my son.  It's like they are cousins.  My heart sings to see this.  Love you guys!

My Beautiful Bean
I love you Julie Katherine Lynn Leslie

Jake loving him some watermelon

Hill cruising on the toys

It was like an amusement park with all the fun things to do at the Leslie house!

Beth (in black dress), Essie (in white dress) Miller (yellow shirt), Jake (grey shirt)
A BIG OL' YAY for Beth and Trey as they expect baby #2 in January!  I am so excited.  I think I squeezed Beth's head off when she told me!  Still sorry about that Beth!  Love you!
Hill & Reese

Jake funny face #1

Jake funny face #2

Jake funny face #3

Hill just taking it all in

and grabbing a drink from playing so hard

Tres playing hide and seek.  He was hiding from the little kids on top of the car.

This is the yard that I grew up running around in.
I love this picture more than words can explain.

Then Paige pulled Hill around in the tiny wagon.  He thought it was funny!
This was a good day.  One of the best I've had in a long time.  I loved that Hill played with the kids of the kids I grew up with, the people that I know as family.  I can't wait until Meredith's baby Asher gets here to join in on the fun.

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