Saturday, June 25, 2011

Texas Trip - Wednesday, June 8

Hill took his first flight, ever, to Texas.  He did great!  We'd been practicing saying aiplane for weeks now and so we went to Target and bought him an "eh-pain" so he could have his very own.  Mommy was a little nervous traveling with her baby solo, but with a little help from her friend Xanax everything was smooth and awesome. 

It's only an hour and 15 minute flight from Jackson to Houston.  I used my noggin' when we got there and I pulled up to the skycap guy outside at drop off, gave him my luggage and he checked us in I tipped him heavily for making my life simple then I jumped in the car and found a parking spot, loaded Hill in the stroller and into the airport we went.
Waiting to get on the eh-pain

Notice the nice cup holder on the stroller.
Yeah, um it didn't land in TX with us.

Strolling the airport
I was surprised we didn't get to board first - you know the whole family and disabled board first??  That must have gone away.  So we waited our turn like all the other normal people, boarded the plane and prayed that we both had our own seats.  Hill was to sit in my lap, but should their be a seat available next to us then we were free to use it.  Yay for no one wanting to sit next to the kiddo on the airplane! I sat on the aisle, Hill sat in the middle and a sweet girl from New Jersey sat at the window.  As I snapped the first picture of Hill being a big boy on the airplane I think it scared the girl from NJ.  I assured her that I didn't get her in the picture and apologized for being "that" mom that captures EVERY moment on camera.  She laughed and said her mom is the same way and thought it was sweet.  Sweet is what Hill was!  He laughed when his tummy would turn from taking off and landing.  He was a dream! 
We read books

We ate pretzels

read more books

Then we were there!
A huge shout out to the baggage attendant that helped me lug my luggage while I strolled the toddler. 
Mimi (my step mom) picked us up and we went to see Papi (my dad) at his work.
We had to stop by their house first and Hill found cousin Hannah's purple Barbie slug bug.  Papi had a big problem with the boy playing with purple flowered Barbie things.
That must have been why Hill was locked up in Papi's courts holding cell!
No body knows the troubles of Hill's heart.
No body knows but Jesus.

The toilet and sink in the cell

Poor little fella all alone in jail.
I think at one point I asked the bailiff if this place was sanitized. 

Playing in Papi's office
(The Judges Chambers)

don't know why this pic is on here twice, but I'm scared to delete it and mess up my post.

Cruising with the purple Barbie car.

Trying to get into the Barbie car.
After Papi got off work we went to eat at Live Oak grill.  They have a playground out back and so Papi took Hill to play while I finished up eating.
He would slide.

Then slide again

Then slide some more
What a big day!  We flew on our first airplane, went to jail and ended the day sliding with Mimi and Papi.  And that's just Day 1 of our trip to Texas!

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