Friday, June 24, 2011

Characters for a Cure - May 26th

May 26th was a whirlwind of a day.  Hill had his follow up appointment that day in Memphis and we were peeling out on two wheels pulling back into Kosciusko to make it to the Disney Characters for a Cure event on time.  We COULD NOT miss seeing Mickey...or could we have?

Mama Lou, Hill, me and Chip

The Chipley Crew sat at our table

Tons of kiddos were there

This was about as close as Hill would allow the characters to get.
He was not a fan.

Jack on the other hand he was all about it.

I'm not too sure Daisy didn't get a black eye.
Looks like Hill is rearing back to knock her out.

The MC of the night, Mr. Christian.

Snow White was beautiful.
(This is my previous boss' daughter, Caroline)

Chip chasing Hill around
(Jack Vance with the purple balloon)

Pondering over this whole event.
"I'm having so much fun, but these characters freak me out"

I think this was the part of the evening when Hill and Jack danced like maniacs.

Sweet Baylie Rea

Our buddy Harvey was there too!
This was the place to be!

Mama Lou and Hill with the "balls"

The Rea Family
Shea, I hope you don't mind my posting this great picture of you and your sweet family.
The coordinators of this event did fantastic job.  What a neat idea to get the kids involved to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  We did learn that Hill is not ready for Disney yet because the characters are creepy.  So we will save those few thousands of dollars until he better understands that the characters in the costumes are not evil.

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