Saturday, June 25, 2011

Texas Trip - Monday, June 13th

The return...
Monday we left El Campo around 9:00 am so we could stop and visit Papi before we left and also have lunch with my mother's brother, my Uncle Donald. I ate Mexican food 3 times while I was in Texas and I'd have eaten it for every meal had I not wanted some Mikeska's or home cooking from Mama Lou too.

Hill and Mama Lou
Sweet faces

Uncle Donald, Hill & Mama Lou

Uncle Donald is cool
Since Uncle Donald works right by the airport we had Mama Lou drop us off.
They had cute little tables and stools for the kiddos to sit at.

or climb on

Hill looking out at the runway at the "eh-pain" with his cowboy hat

We figured since we were in Texas we needed to get him a cowboy hat.  Had we bought it anywhere else I'm sure it would have been affordable, but we bought it at the airport so it was a $30 hat.  He loved it so that made it worth it.

The flight back home was not as smooth sailing as the flight to Texas.  It was a full flight which was odd because it was a Monday at 3:00.  I was sure my awesome planning skills would pay off since I intentionally planned our return flight at an odd time on an odd day.  Whatever, I didn't get to board until half the people got on the plane.  Once we grabbed a seat, me on the aisle, empty seat in the middle and lady at the window I thought we were home free.  Until the flight attendant asked if Hill was a lap child.  I said yes even though I wanted to say no.  She directed an older lady to come sit by us and the lady said nope, she refused to sit next to a baby.  I sort of wanted to kick her in the knee as she walked by.  I held my tongue, and my foot.  Truth be known I wouldn't have wanted her sitting next to me anyway.  Punk. 

A sweet girl sat next to us.  I apologized to her in advance and told her he really is a good baby.  Hill sat in my lap - which ended up not being too bad.  It was only an hour flight and he only got ants in his pants about 10 min before we landed.  He was a good boy, no fits, which is a bonus these days.  He liked to look at the guy across the aisle from us who was sleeping.  He'd say night night, which everyone thought was hilarious.  Then the guy across the way pretended to drink his sippy cup which Hill thought was the funniest thing he'd ever encountered.  Everyone was nice and accomodating and knew I was preapologetic for anything my son did or didn't do during flight.  When we got off the plane I apologized personally to the gentleman in front of us that Hill kicked his seat a few times.  He said it was no problem.  All was well on flight 464 to Jackson.

We were home safely and headed to swim lessons once we landed.  We never stop. 

Thank you to everyone in Texas for being so wonderful and loving us so much.  We love you guys too!

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