Saturday, June 25, 2011

Texas Trip - Sunday, June 12th

Sunday Mama Lou cooked lunch for us.  Uncle Jason and his lady friend, Maria, came and we had a great time!  Uncle Jason is the best.  Hill woke up Sunday morning carrying a framed picture of Jason around saying, "Jason, Jason."  You see, Hill loves my brother Jason because even though he is in his mid late 30's he is on Hill's level ...which makes everything so animated and lively for our year and a half old son. (Love you Jay-ston.)  Jason buzz cuts his hair in the summer time.  I call it his Brittany Spears drama / Sinead O'Connor look.  He's still a cutie though.

silly Maria

Uncle Jason you are crazy!!
I'm drunk off your hilarity.

and weird

but we love you to pieces.
Later that afternoon we went to the Freeman's house to play with our twin friends, MoJo.  Molly & Joey.  I was able to catch up with one of my greatest friends, Christy while we let the kiddos play.  Hill and I may have had the best time ever in the history of ever.  The kiddos played so well and so hard we didn't want the day to end!  Joey showed us that in order to live out in the middle of nowhere you have to be naked when you play outside.  It saves money on swim diapers according to his mama.
So Hill stripped then sat at the Toy Story table and drank his juice...naked

Then he and Joey swam

Played naked slip and slide

Silly Joey

LOVE those tiny hineys!

Joey (blue swing), Molly (pink swing) and Hill running in the buff!

Joey, their daddy Billy and Molly, who is wearing a diaper and has a little more modesty than her brother and Hill.

naked swinging

Joey wearing his Mama's sunglasses

and to true boy fashion, drinking water from the soaker hose.

You can't see it, but Hill is behind him trying to do the same thing.

Hill Hiney!  Don't cha wanna pinch it?!?

Bath time!
(L-R) Molly, Hill, Joey
I'm not sure that Hill has ever played so hard in his whoel 17 month life.  I thought he ran ragged at the baby shower on Saturday, but the Freeman folks don't have nothing on anyone.  They are fun!  Always have been so I don't know why I would expect anything different from their kiddos!  Thanks Christy & Billy for a fun afternoon and the boombostic chicken spaghetti.  Love you guys!

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