Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing with the Marquerdt Crew

Last Saturday, June 18, we went out to our friends Pearce and Swayze's new house.  I got to spend some much needed catch up time with their sweet mama, Marsha. Hill got to play will his long lost classmate / friend, Pearce since he's not in daycare this summer. We had a blast swimming and playing on the slide, riding in Swayze's Barbie car, playing in the rocks, looking at pictures from their trip to Disney, doing everything Swayze does and then we got hungry and loaded up and went to eat in Winona.

Big boy on the slide all by himself

Pearce coming up behind him

Hill was holding up progress

Then when it was Pearce's turn Hill would get impatient.
We need to work on our sharing / taking turns skills.

Swayze taking Hill for a spin in her Babie car.

Pearce running behind them.
Don't forget ME!!!

Then Swayze wanted her bike so Hill is moving over to the drivers seat

But he couldn't reach the pedal to make it go so he ran around the house to chase Swayze on her bike.

Then he decided to take a rest on the front patio

While Pearce pushed his tricycle at 100 mph through the yard.

Then they thought it would be fun to hide behind the storm door.

Playing with rocks in the drive way

Alone, probably because he can't share

Then they all decided to play together.

Everyone in the phone booth at Pizza Inn
(Swayze, Hill & Pearce)

Hill says, "get me outta here"
So Hill had a very very stank diaper after dinner.  We were in the play room at Pizza Inn and it truly stunk us all out.  He was making the push face, where he turns red, but this time it was serious because he would stick out his tounge for pushing leverage.  It was hilariously awful. So I gathered the goods to go change his diaper.  He was throwing a fit because he wanted to play, but little did he know - - no one wanted to play with him!  I took him in the bathroom was trying to hold him down with my forearm while doing a one handed maneuver with the diaper and praying I had enough wipes - - when the lights went out.  Seriously.  No lights?  I somehow got the diaper on (no pants) and made my way to exit the bathroom when the lights came back on.  I went out and asked Marsha if the lights went out in here?  She said no...Swayze then informed me that the lights in the bathroom are on an automatic timer or something.  Well well, I guess they didn't budget time in there for temper tantrum poo poo diaper episodes.  We left - pantless and full.

We survived, took the Marquerdt's back to their casa and headed home for the evening. 

What a fun day, we had a blast! Thanks Marsha!

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