Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jackson Zoo (5-15-11)

Since we have been out of our routine for the past nearly four weeks I feel like a chicken with my head cut off running in 7,000 different directions.  So we will have to rewind and go back to the weekend before Hill's surgery (Sunday, May 15th) when we went to the zoo, yes that was a month ago.

I love impromptu trips.  We woke up that Sunday morning and it was abnormally chilly for May and I said, "Let's go to the zoo!"  Chip thought that was a fabulous idea for a little R&R before Hill's surgery for us all to get out and do something different.  Hill had never been to the zoo and I'd never been to the Jackson zoo. It's not the fanciest of zoos, but I'm sure it could be a whole lot worse.  At any zoo I go to I always feel sorry for the animals, but they still make me smile.  Thank you for being caged up in the horrific summer heat for my entertainment. All PETA woes aside, we had a blast and incase you didn't know.....every furry animal is a "dog."  The bear really really really did look like Foster.  Even the gangly toenails.  Hill knew bird "buhrr" and monkey is known not as a word but a sound "ohh ohhh ahh."
Here are few pictures of our fun family day at the zoo!

I know you can't see the tigers, but they say 'rahh'

Little Big Man

My Boys.
Hill looks like he means business at the zoo.

Hill peeking through the bubble at the duck.
Duck says 'Kak Kak'

Silly guys

Looking at the parrot 'buhrr'


I look at this picture and think of Forrest Gump.
"Life is like a box of chocolates"
"I was run-nang"

Oh and the heavenly taste of a toddler sized Coke Icee

Pure Bliss.
(And at 3am that morning I was wondering why he was awake.)

The monkey says "ohhh ohhh ahh"

Here is a shot of the monkeys.
They were running around everywhere playing.  Too funny.  I'm surprised I was able to get this picture!

We took a picture of this monkey because his tail looked liked Katie Lou's.
Long, white and hairy...so this is the monkey dog.

There is a piece of glass between this bird and Chip's finger.  Thank God or I'd have a hubby with a nub.  That bird was LOUD and spastic and HATED Chip.
Me and My Buddy
Exhausted after a fun long day

And just for giggles...
Chip - My Jungle Man or Zoo Keeper or Tiger Tamer.
Whatever he is it's queer.  Funny, but queer.

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