Friday, October 08, 2010

Our Hospital Stay

Poor baby fella.  Himz was born in a hospital in January. Himz had his cleft lift repair in April. Now himz had his third stay in a hospital and he's only 8 months old!

Per the previous post, we went to the Ole Miss game and had a blast!  By the time we got home we had to toss Hill back in the car because of high fever and rush him to the local emergency room.  They tested for mycoplasma, RSV, flu, and strep - - they all came back negative.  They took a chest x-ray (that was fun) and found my little boy had full blown pneumonia and bronchitis.  Not only that he continued to run fever and both ears were full of fluid.  Talk about a sick little boy, he had it all!

They admitted him into the hospital for iv fluids and antibiotics.  Chip went home to get me some clothes but Hill had everything he could possibly ever want / need due to my packing everything and the kitchen sink to take to the game still being in the car.  See, so you never know what you will need and when you will need it!

After being admitted it was like 2 am that Sunday morning and Hill was sleepy, I was sleepy and Chip was even more tired because he drove us home from Oxford while we all slept!  I didn't sleep well once we got settled.  I couldn't see into his hospital crib to see if he was breathing.  I was so worried I took him out of his crib, made a fort in my bed and snuggled with my little sickling.  We both then slept like a rock.  At one point the nurse came in to have me sign a consent form that if he fell out of my bed they weren't liable.  You know, looking back, I wonder if they had to type up that consent form just for me or if they had it conveniently on file.  I was half asleep, I probably signed a piece of paper that allowed Hill to go live with some foreign family in their dungeon where they feed him only spiders and mud.

I digress.  Anyway, so Sunday was a long day.  Hill didn't feel well.  It was like a light switch, one second he was throwing himself into the pillows being silly and then the next he was lethargic and had 104.6 fever.  It was crazy.  He didn't eat much that day, which is a good thing in the big scheme of things because all they served him EVERY meal was bananas and greenbeans. 

Breakfast - bananas,
Lunch - bananas & greenbeans,
Dinner - bananas and something that smelled like catfood that he liked and then burped in my face setting off my gag reflex for 30 minutes straight.  Oh man, the thought of it still almost two weeks later makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

I brought food and snacks from home after that.  I also had to use my own diapers, formula & bottles.  It was no LeBonheur Childrens Hospital that we were use to back in April, but really I didn't expect it to be.  Totally different caliber here.  Totally.

Before I go into all the photos I want to thank those of you that brought me food, FOUNTAIN COKES, magazines & homemade apple pie.  Those of you that took time out of your life to sit with Hill so I could run home to shower.  Those who were there to let me vent (which my only going postal 3 times is pretty good in my book.
Really, you all know who you are and you know how much we love you and appreciate you.

Here are a few pictures of our stay (No particular order due to blogger being on the fritz).  Some happy, some sweet, some sad sick boy.  I know I know, I'm the mom that exploits her little one even when he's down.  Sorry Hill, love you!

Thanks so much to M&F Bank for my balloons,
I love them and each and every one of you!

Yay!  Clap real fast if you love balloons

I like to lick balloons

I've got toys!
Thanks Sassy for my Elmo phone!
Thanks Ed for my roller animals!

Come play with me in my tent

I love you!

The not so "Heavenly Choice" Toilet Paper

Sleeping in his tent

I'm a good helper.

Don't worry, nurse!
I've got the tape!

I'm sweet.

I'm sick.

Hill's bed with all the contraptions

Dang Paparazzi, always in my face!

I've got snot. 
A lot of snot.

Sleepy snuggle bug.

Sleeping in his respirator tent
Zonked out
Thank you, I like balloons.

How do you accumulate this much stuff
in 2 1/2 days?

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