Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Showcase Showdown

Ok, ok. One more day without photos and a legit post. My apologies.
Last night Chip and I were both wanting Subway and I went against my better judgement and got the meatball sub. I love it so, but it didn't really "hit the spot."

After we ate, my wonderful hubby said he would help me go to the store and get our grocery list. I made two separate lists and he took one half of the store and I took the other. We met in the middle and then he decided that he was going to buy his grocery basket and I would buy mine. He got the raw end of the deal with all the cokes, dog food, paper towels, detergent, etc., but he didn't mind.

He went to one line and I went into the one next to it. It was super hilarious because it was like the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right. Chip was yelling across the register that he guessed his basket was $135 worth of food and so I yelled back that I guessed mine was $75. The people in line behind us were so confused and then once they figured out what we were doing they were cracking up. My check out line and cashier were rooting for me and Chip's entourage was rooting for him. In the end Chip was the closest in price range, but as the Showcase Showdown goes he guessed too high because (queue the Bob Barker voice) The actual retail price was $129.00. Mine was $83.00...........since I was so close does that mean that I win ALL the groceries?

Another fun oldie but goodie we play is Shop Til You Drop. Remember that game? You run around the store and only get the things you need in the fastest amount of time. Well, we play that too. One of us sits in the car and times the other one from the time the car door closes to the time they walk out of the store with the goods. First time we did Shop til You Drop with Chip's mom in the car I think she was confused. She turned to Chip and said concerned, "Do you guys do this often?" Yes, yes we do. My record is 4 minutes. I bought dog food waited in line, talked to no one and got out of there. Chip on the other hand has the standing record of 2 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen to this day I would not believe it had I not seen it with my own two eyes. He bought margarita mix and something else, ran into 2 people he knew, checked out and STILL got out of there in 2 minutes. That is a world record somewhere I'm sure. It's gotta be.

All of you probably think we are lunatics, we may be, but we absolutely despise going to the grocery store and must make a game out of it to cope. I'm mostly the problem because once I got my drivers license between my mom owning a restaurant and my boss at a law firm I worked at in high school loving to cook, I spent most of my time after school in the grocery store running errands. I can recall I went to the grocery store over 6 times in one day (three of the times for butter, and I still don't know what kind of butter to buy - ever) So in my older age I only go to the grocery store once a month. Get the things we need and if I forget something then I wait until I can't do without it to go back.

Anyway, back to my evening. We got back from Wally-Martinez and put away groceries then the meatball sub needed to tell me something. I had been feeling nauseous once Chip started taking about BBQ chicken as he held up the Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce on isle 4. I politely asked him if we could not talk about it. Then on isle 6 with the tacos, he asked again if that sounded good, I said tight lipped "mmm hmmm." Long story short, I'm much better now, thanks.

So this is why I did not post my pictures of the weekend........I was too busy playing Showcase Showdown and not feeling too swift. Maybe I can post tonight after Wednesday Night Swim, I mean Wednesday Night Prayer.


sm2 said...

y'all are so cute! we play some of those games too! Unfortunately, we seem to go to the store about twice a week! Sorry you weren't feeling well. Welcome to food aversions!

Jennifer said...

This is hilarious -- sounds way more fun than traditional grocery shopping. But wait till you have yo baby (or two or three). I don't know how we'd play grocery games at this point -- right now it's "see if we can get in and out of here without anyone having an accident or a meltdown!"

Jennifer said...

But it's kinda fun sometimes ...