Friday, July 03, 2009

Famous Doctor

Some of you know, but most of you do not know, that a famous person is delivering my baby.
Yes, it's true! Dr. Darden North not only makes sure my "business" is in order he also has a side business and writes murder/mystery books (oh that was funny and you can't deny it.)

Check out his site here.

After reading his biography I found out he majored in Zoology. Which will come in handy if I birth a hippo, meerkat or maybe a penguin. I love penguins, I hope I have a penguin!

I think I will get his books and have him sign them for the Baby since someone famous will be bringing my baby into the only seems appropriate, right? He should just give every baby born an autographed collection for free........nah, that's probably how he makes his money by mommy's like me that only feel it appropriate to have all books signed for their kid. It's all part of his brilliant marketing scheme.

Anyway, thought you all would like to see what he's all about. I certainly found it interesting even with his cheesy smoke filled photo on the homepage.

Love you Dr. North, you are the best!

It looks like his website shows you can connect with him on Facebook. I think I'll ask him to be my friend. I hope he doesn't diss me, that would not be cool.


l cummins said...

You're hilarious...but I don't think I could make a cute onesie for a penguin...well, I guess I could but it would cost you some big bucks!

DenKag said...

I hope it's a meerkat. :) That's so exciting! Congrats, by the way, on the pregnancy!

Lauren said...

We love our Dr. North! First person to touch both my babies!