Friday, July 10, 2009

Top 5

Back in May of 2007 I had a post with this same title, but it was a different kind of "Top 5". Your mind set changes a little when you are pregnant, but the Top 5 conversation from May 07 does not become null and void once you have kids. Truth be known you probably at times wish you'd be whisked away. All girls know the truth, love their husbands and it's truly a non issue. It's fictional, but a girl can always dream.

Now back to today's Top 5. Since I got such awesome feedback yesterday about bedding and high chairs I figured why stop there?

Your job today, since you probably don't have anything else to do and I know this because you are reading my blog, is for those of you that are moms or dads already to post the Top 5 things that have either saved the day with appeasing your kids (any age) or things you highly recommend I not live without. For those of you, like myself, who have no idea about parenthood (or even if you do); feel free to list your Top 5 guys/gals or if you're not as open about that you can list the Top 5 places you'd like to travel.

No pressure....I mean really, what do you have to do right now anyway?


l cummins said...

Only because I actually do have other things to do today...unusual, I know - I'm only giving you my'll have to get the rest later.
With all 4 kids my biggest lifesaver has been my pack-n-play. Buy one and use it often. I actually have stays in the car and one in the living room. Don't be scared to give the baby a little "me" time...even if they pretend like they don't like it. They'll learn to...and in turn, you'll get a little "me" time yourself. Just ask Harper...she's hanging out in hers playing the "uh-oh..i just threw all my toys outta here" game right now.
Have a great day...gotta go buy a birthday present for my girl!

Jennifer said...

Hmmm...I don't know if I can come up with 5, but I'll try. This is in the order I began to use them...

1 - Swing - it hasn't always been a favorite, but is now, especially with my second favorite.
2 - Baby Einstein DVDs!!! It is amazing to watch him watch these...and often from his swing.
3 - would be the mat that lays on the floor with the toys that dangle above - a must for this is Lights & Music - the more the better!
4 - and the best yet (second to Baby Einstein) is his Jumperoo!! Wow - he loves this thing...

Can't think of a 5th right now...maybe Dr. Browns bottles?? They've seemed to do their job well. :) - Oh and another - have a good rocking chair!! We spent lots of time in it...especially at first!

I guess you really got 6 suggestions from me today!

Rachel said...

Thanks girls! Once I start registering I should probably just give you all my password and you can select things for me incase I miss something. Ha!

Jennifer said...

1. Jog Stoller (you know me). We still use the twin one and Julia's new one is awesome (has a car seat adapter so I can run with her in it already).
2. Bouncer. This was great with the boys and we're using one of theirs with Julia now, though she's started to get fed up with it and wants to be in the Bumbo instead. We keep it on the kitchen table up away from the boys (and when it was the boys, up away from the dogs).
3. Baby Bjorn. This worked for me when I needed to grocery with the boys -- one in car seat in the buggy and one in the Bjorn -- and now with Julia I put the boys in their Jogger and Julia in the Bjorn in order to be able to take a walk. You won't have these logistical issues that I have, but still, I think the Bjorn is way cool.
4. Mylicon. The baby gas-reliever stuff? They can take this as soon as they're home from the hospital if you need it, and a little half-dropper full can really help when you're having gas troubles. Purchase this now and have it ready.
5. Good, comfy nursing bra. I am a fan of this brand: Bravado. I only bought one new one this round. It cost $50, but I wear it almost 24/7.

Also: are you planning to breastfeed? Will you go back to work? If so, get a pump. Medela is the brand to go with IMHO. Also not cheap but if you're like me, you'll use it a lot.

The Yockey Family said...

Let's see...I've only been at this for 2 years so I don't know much.

must-haves & advice

1. Jake loved loved loved his jumperoo.

2. DVD player for the car (if you don't already have one). I tell you what, as much as we travel it has been a life saver. Don't know what I would do without it.

3. Always, always, always KEEP an extra diaper bag (with diapers, wipes, extra outfit, chachi, etc..) in the car just for emergencies. There will be times when your brain is not working and you leave the house with nothing. But no worries, b/c you've got diapers in the car :)

4.When someone calls and wants to come see the baby, they will ask what they can bring. Even if you can't think of a thing...tell them Diapers and/or wipes. You can never have too much.

5. Get a video moniter. We're still using ours and it's been two years...great investment.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'll continue to update as I think of things.