Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am sorry to say that this post today is not very interesting. It's a bunch of unthought out babble. (wait that is mostly everyday...but today is worse)

Chip and I have been talking about getting a new car, eventually. Those of you that know me understand my preplanning syndrome so really we aren't getting a new car for like 2 years. My highlander is paid for and we love her dearly. She does exactly what I need her to do - Get me from point A to point B safely and most of the time (because I'm driving) she gets me there rapidly. I am probably the only person on the face of the earth that HATES to buy cars. It makes me grouchy, It makes me want to throw myself in front of a moving semi truck, it usually makes me cry because I always feel buyers remorse and like someone is taking advantage of me. I like to think about it, I don't like to do it. So we can think about it here today.

I've wanted a Volvo SUV for about a year now. I loved my volvo (what I had before the highlander)....I cried when I sold that car. It was the first car I'd ever bought and paid for in full on my own. But the reason I sold it is because I was worried about maintenance and the high costs if something were to go wrong and she was racking on the high miles. She went to a good home in Jackson and I think about her often and sometimes think I see her in a parking lot or in traffic, I think she misses me too. I hope so.

But onto new things. I've wanted a Volvo SUV for a while and Chip will never let me go test drive one because we aren't technically "ready" to buy one and he doesn't want to lead on the car salesman. I on the other hand told my Chippy that what if he wanted to surprise me one day and buy it and bring it home and I hated it. I would never know because he wouldn't let me test drive it and he'd be up a creek with a car I don't like. He assured me that that would NEVER happen because he knows me better than most and I am a picky and critical person in the history of history. He said he'd be so scared that he'd pick out the wrong color or not get an add on I wanted. He's smart. He's a really smart guy. Plus he knows I hate surprises. Plus he knows I'd be mad he spent that kind of money and didn't discuss it with me. Anyway back to cars since we've established how well my hubby knows me.

This is the 2010 Volvo XC90, she's pretty, but I'm being superficial because I've only seen the outside never the inside or driven one. I want a 3rd row seat, I think that is a prerequisite in my search. I am not opposed to a minivan. I'm not opposed to a used car but if I buy a new car you will see me driving it until the wheels fall off. I don't want a sunroof. The rest is up for debate depending on the vehicle.

When Chip worked at the Toyota dealership they had a minivan that I sat in and even though I had no use for a minivan being in college; it had some extreme gadgets and a comfort I didn't know possible in a vehicle. If I were to get a minivan it would probably be a Toyota. But I don't know if I am ready for the minivan.

The other day when we went to Yazoo City, I saw something. I saw something I've never seen before. It was cute. It was sporty. It was boxy like the G-Class, but not the G-Class Mercedes. Hey there cutie patootie! You are the 2010 GLK350.

After research, which you know I've done. I can't seem to find the 3rd row seating, so as cute as you are...I don't know if you are what I need. Even though you are not $100,000 like your Daddy the G-Class which is pretty much the epitome of kick hiney, I will check you out when my husband lets me finally test drive cars and in the mean time think about you (and your Daddy, the G-Class).The G-Class may be my lottery car. If I win the lottery I would think about getting one, but since I have not won the lottery.....I will not be getting one.

So here is the deal. I am up for any suggestions because like I stated earlier, I've never test driven ANY car/SUV/truck etc because my hubby won't let me. I'm going all on superficial exterior looks. I don't have to have a foreign car at all....these are just the ones that have caught my eye. Another car that caught my eye due to the cool brownish color is this....

2009 Buick Enclave

Maybe I should check out to see if it has 3rd row seating?

Since I know my good friend Toby reads my blog every day let me ask him. Does your cool old boxy white SUV that you drive around every now and then have 3rd row seating? I would love to have that vehicle. I think it's right up there with the G-Class. Maybe you can take me for a spin in it one day? I love it.

I also like my friend Marsha's car. She just got an Acadia or Equinox or something really neat.

Any advice is much appreciated. I need all of your help in making a list of vehicles to test drive & not to drive so when Chip finally gives me the green light I can have an idea.


Angela said...

My lovely Mountaineer that Chippy sold me has 3rd row seating and you've driven it before. It's not a Mercedes, but he gets the job done and haven't had any major issues with him as I approach 85,000 miles. I'll be driving him until the wheels fall off, just like I did with the good ole Chevy truck...I miss him, but as we know he's in truck heaven hitting on a little red Ranger.

Rachel said...

I love your Mountaineer too. She's a good car, very functional, good cup holders! I forgot you had 3rd row seating.
I miss your good ole Chevy too, I bet you'd still have him had it not been for that guy totaling it. I will never forget that day! You know you are best friends when you can fill out all of someone elses hospital paperwork and police report without any information from their wallet. Why and how I knew all that info is beyond me.

Angela said...

I know it was a very crazy day! You beat the ambulance to the hospital that day too. I'm strapped down to a back board with a neck brace on waiting to go to the hospital and you're already there filling out all my paperwork. Then once at the hospital, I'm trying to check out the hot cop that came in to take a statement...while I'm still strapped down and can't move at all. I don't know how you knew all of it either because my insurance was different than when you went with me to the hospital the night Dinky decided to take a couple of chunks out of my lips.

Hollee said...

Hey! You can test drive my car, it doesn't have the third row seating though. I test drove one with a third row when I got mine, they're almost exactly the same. I just didn't have need for a third row. My dad has G wagon too you can take a spin in! It'll give me an excuse to drive it too! I really like the Volvo SUVs too!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Hollee! I'm so glad you commented on my blog! I love feedback.
I will take you up on the test drives! I'm not opposed to used so maybe when you or your dad want to trade in I'll haggle ya'll for a great deal?

JJ and Allen said...

My old roomie has an 08 Volvo SUV and
LOVES it (as do I). It's super nice on the inside and has lots of cool nick knacks inside. There is the issue of maintenance, etc as you well know if you had one, but they are usually well built cars (as you can tell by the ancient clunker volvo's still cruising the streets!!) so hopefully that wouldn't be a big issue!

Marsha said...

You are welcome to drive my Acadia anytime... I am not sure it can hang with all this luxury you speak of, though!

Marsha said...

You are welcome to drive my Acadia anytime... I am not sure it can hang with all this luxury you speak of, though!

Melanie said...

Congrats on Baby Hawkins!! I found your blog from Alysha Thompson, I graduated with Jane Claire. Anywho...you just totally crack me up!! Love reading!!! Gonna have to add you to my list of daily reads!!!

Cars...I had a Tahoe and loved it. We had two kiddos at the time also. Had the 3rd too but very cramped. But now I have a Nissan Quest. Never have I ever wanted a minivan, but man is it super easy with my herd of kids. It is so nice to click a button and the doors open. However, I do not plan on driving a minivan forever, but it is perfect for having kids!!

meredith said...

i had a gmc acadia as a rent a car and i loved it and im pretty sure it had 3rd row also....

Rachel said...

Marsha, I really enjoyed riding in your car to Starkville that day. I felt fancy. I do want to drive it..real fast!

Hi Melanie, Welcome! Thanks for commenting!! I checked out your blog and you have a cutie patootie family! I've had a couple of people mention the Tahoe, it seems like it's very accomodating. Also, I am going to have to check out the minivans. I don't think I can admit to myself outloud that that is probably what I need.

Mere, I am assuming this is my Mere that has driven a rental car more than any car she's ever owned. Just kidding poo! I love you and am not trying to sound like Joe B. I take your advice to heart because I know you've driven every kind of vehicle....remember that red buick rental you had in highschool?

If this is Meredith L. then I'm sorry to pretend make fun of you. :)