Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bedding & Such

I have made an executive decision.
I've known from the beginning that we weren't going to change the color of the baby's room, it's a sage green and is unisex. I've also known that I've wanted bedding for the crib that is very neutral, no theme, and could be accented with pieces to accessorize in dark pinks if girl or blues if boy. And I have found just the bedding and I know you all have been as worried about it as I have....right?

It comes from JC Penney, so if I hate it then I can take it back with no fuss. It's extremely affordable and washable....even though Tasha said baby spit up stains would be hard to get out of this. I told her I could cover it up with a blanket or toy to disguise it if Spray n' Wash doesn't work.

Then my mind wondered; do babies often spit up on their crib bumper? I can understand the sheets, but the bumper? I have so much to figure out. Then I snapped out of it because I was so excited I had found what I'd been looking for!

You ready to see it?
Wait....before you see it I want you to imagine the diaper hanger thing having an initial monogrammed on it and accents of dark pinks or light blues throughout the room...I'm thinking chocolate browns too. The crib sheet can be any color, even polka dotted! It requires imagination. It's very plain, I know - I love it.

(P.S. - we have a double bed in the baby room that has a bed spread on it that I inherited from my grandmother. Oddly enough it almost looks like this with the circles and creamy color. So that is good I don't have to go and search for something to match the crib bedding to the regular bedding. Just accessorize with throw pillows and stuffed animals! Voila!)

Also, I need advice. I found a high chair I really like at Bed Bath & Beyond. I need you to list the pros and cons of this specific high chair because it doesn't have a bunch of padding and plastic, therefore I don't know if it's truly functional for a kiddo or not. I think it would look good in my house, comparatively speaking, but I guess that shouldn't be why I get's about the baby right?
I can't help but think about my old timey wooden high chair with rattan seating. Hush, I'm not THAT old. It didn't have padding or bins to catch dropped food and I turned out alright.

Ok, so these are my latest finds. As much as I love them both you won't hurt my feelings if you need to tell me that such a light color is a really bad idea for bedding or that the stick figure highchair looks like an accident waiting to happen. I need this input. I have NO clue about anything which is why I turn to ALL of you for advice. You are my friends and I expect you to tell know I'd tell you!

Here are the links in case you need to research a little more on the bedding and high chair.


Leah Maria said...

Love the bedding!!! Even though it's a couple of years down the road for us, I am thinking the same way you are, green for the room. Very unisex. I do not know anything about anything else other than it's very cute!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Leah! I'm in the same boat as you - I dont know anything about anything else other than I like it. Hope you newlyweds are doing great!

l cummins said...

love the're right - you could do a lot with that. and he/she is going to spit up (among other things) on anything and everything, but it will all wash.
the only drawback to that otherwise super cute and trendy high chair is that the baby will pretty much have to be sitting up before you use it. some high chairs recline for use with younger infants - but you can always use one of the other handy products that you'll buy - like a bouncy seat or bumbo until then. now, there's my 2 cents for today :)

Rachel said...

Great feedback Lindsey! Thanks a million! Maybe I can recruit you to do some cute pillows and other fun creative stuff that you do oh so well! Now that you've seen the blank canvas, be thinking about it!

Jennifer said...

I think that bedding is a very good choice! I have not yet experienced any major messes in the crib - only had a little t-t on the sheet (I figuer that's pretty common)! We've had nothing on the bumper pad and while I do see how it could happen, we'll be in the same mess as you if it does...ours isn't a light color, but I'm not so sure how well it will wash! As for the high chair...very cute, but I can agree with Lindsey about usability with a baby that can't situp yet. This is the situation we are in now! We have been using the bumbo, but his cute, but chubby, legs are outgrowing it very quickly, so I'm now on a high chair hunt. I like the Fisher Price Zen collection - you should check it out. Still a 'pretty' high chair, but has the usability of what you'll probably need.

Keep having fun picking out cute stuff!! It is so fun!!

The Yockey Family said...

Very, Very cute bedding. Don't worry about the light color...most all baby fluids come out in the wash :) The highchair is adorable. Just a few suggestions when looking for a highchair that we have come to discover: 1) wheels that lock are a GREAT option, so the baby can go where you are easily (kitchen, living room, dining room, etc.) 2) padding must be vinyl or something that is EASY to wipe down, no cloth even though it's the prettiest 3) tray needs to be removable so you can bring it to the sink to clean when you have the BIG mess 4) not too many cracks and places for the food to get stuck, because teaching a baby to eat is a VERY messy process.
That's about all I can think of right now...take any suggestions and leave the rest. Planning for your first is so much fun and overwhelming at the same time...just remember to enjoy it because it goes by way to fast.

The Yockey Family said...

BTW..before the little monkey can sit up on his/her own the Bumbo is a great idea and now they have food trays that you can attach to it. It helps great with back support :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Jennifer & Beth! I am overwhelmed with excitement at the awesome feedback I'm getting! This Bumbo thing has been mentioned a couple of times, I'll have to check into that! Also, Beth I did worry about the padding of this high chair. It looks cloth and I think that may be a big issue, even though it is washable...that seems like a lot of trouble. Never thought of the wheel aspect or cracks, great advice! Jennifer, I will have to check out the Zen Edition of high chairs, let me know how your hunt goes.
WOW, Thank you all so much! Keep the advice comming! I love it!

l cummins said...

the word on the street is that dirt cheap had some bumbo seats yesterday...didn't see it with my own eyes but may be worth a look. i've gotten some good stuff out there when they get target shipments in...boppy bouncy seat, britax car seat, double stroller...all new in plastic. ok, so you got 3 cents from me today...i'll shut up now.

Rachel said...

I'll take all the chump change you have Lindsey. You are a plethora of knowledge today! I love it!

I REMEMBER when you got your Britax car seat there, you guys had a party at your house that weekend and I saw it. It didn't have an impact on me until now about how much those dang things cost! I'm putting on my SARS mask and hitting up the dirt cheap. Just kidding about the SARS mask. I love dirt cheap and would not diss it because I think stores like that were made for people like me (cheap asses). Love em'

Rachel said...

Holy Moley, Lindsey - - you are a Jewel. A brilliant diamond to be exact!

I (being impatient) rushed over to Dirt Cheap and it was meant to be...the girl that worked there was EXTREMELY helpful and nice and led me to the last two Bumbo seats they purple and one green. One for Shea who is having a girl(purple) and one for me which a little Magic Eraser will fix up like new. They were 1/3 of the price as Babies R Us still in the box. I was making my way up front I spotted the golden ticket. A Britax (Frontier) Forward Facing Harness 2 Booster...still in the plastic and box. Yes, ma'am! Half price...what! Not sure when my kid can use it or what all it does, but whatever. It is khaki and black (neutral). I called Chip to double check prices online and he told me to grab it. That was a surprise to me that he was so anxious too!

I need to go use some germ-ex before I get pink eye. I love dirt cheap and Lindsey! Hey, look at it like this....all the money you are helping me save means the more money I can invest in your cute as all get out stuff!

Yay for Lindsey!

Kayla Dees said...

We almost got that same bedding! Its adorable. For a long time Jason and I could not agree on bedding... everything i wanted was TOO expensive (says Jason, I thought it was perfectly reasonable) and everything he wanted was ugly. That was the only one we both liked!! So great that you and Chip are agreeing on everything... buying baby stuff is so fun! We need to get together soon and discuss all things baby!

mama lou said...

I love the high chair. You do not need the one that leans back because my grandchild may never leave my arms.

Marsha said...

Love the versatile can really accessorize it! I still cannot believe the deals you found at Dirt Cheap...Call me next time you're going. I love a deal, but I'm not braving DC for it! Check my blog--the name is official--i've blogged about it:)

Jennifer said...

Ditto everyone on the bedding -- it should be fine. On the chair, ditto the Yockey fam's comments -- you want something that will wipe off. I got the Fisher Price ones for the boys where the tray comes off and can go in the dishwasher. I don't put them in the dishwasher, but they're really easy to wipe off. YOU DO NOT WANT CLOTH IN YOUR HIGH CHAIR. Gotta have vinyl or plastic, baby, because that kiddo is going to make a mess to high heaven (at least that's what we've seen with John and Jake and they're still making messes to beat the band and they're almost 4).

Some of my friends forewent high chairs proper and just got those travel seats that you can clip to your chair, and they think that's the way to go so we're thinking about maybe doing that with Julia -- not sure yet. We have the Bumbo too for her.