Monday, July 13, 2009

Someone has a case of the Monday's

I need coffee. I don't drink coffee, nor will I start any time soon, but I am in dire need of energy. I woke up this morning after little to no sleep to puffy eyes, swollen face, stopped up nose, can I just go back to bed mentality. Got dressed came to work and the A/C is broken. This may be the worst case of the Monday's I've ever had. Ok, I got my rant out of the way.

Speaking of coffee, Chip has decided he is a coffee drinker now. I think it smells divine, but never have been a drinker. My dad said when I moved to South America that I would come back drinking coffee because Columbia had such great coffee. Nope. I never got into it. Yet as for Chip, when he decides he is doing something he goes full fledged. He had 8 cups of coffee Sunday morning before 11:00. He was so geeked out that he quite possibly hallucinated. He took Foster to Grenada for a roadtrip and I asked how it went. Chip said he and Foster talked the whole way there and the whole way back. I believe him. Of course with Foster it's a one sided conversation because all he does is smile and breathe back alley seafood dumpster dog breath in your face. He's the sweetest. Anyway, they had fun boy time while the girls stayed home and cleaned.......which I didn't mind because it was long overdue.

We have a house guest for the week. Brent and Leanne Davis are on vacation living it up on the beach so we are taking care of sweet Libby. She is such a good little girl, has a lot more energy than my 9, 7 & 6 year old four legged babies. Foxy Mama has not taken a liking to Libby and Kate Lou is pissy because there is a dog in her house. Heaven Forbid! Foster, the complete sport who always takes one for the team is very very nice to Libby and makes her feel at home. I will try to catch a few pics of how much she loves Foster. She likes his back alley seafood dumpster breath. My plan is to take a few funny photos of Libby like she is on vacation living it up while they are gone and give them to the Davis family upon their return. I've thought about taking a photo of her with sunglasses on driving the boat. Maybe making a frozen margarita and putting her on the patio table. Chilling out in the hammock. Take her over to the in laws pool. Just some fun candid shots you know, like the traveling Gnome. I'll be sure to post them if I get to do it.

Today is my doctor appointment. It's at 3:15. It's going to be a busy afternoon. Doctor at 3:15, then we hope to meet up with Chip's step mom, Joyce, who has a doctors appointment in Jackson as well. Together we are going to Women's Hospital to tour the facility where Baby Hawkins will be born.

After that we are going to visit my friend Tasha who is at Women's Hospital this morning having a big surgery, please say a special prayer for her and her doctors as they do a double subcutaneous mastectomy. It's a little more complicated than that, so pray for her speedy recovery because she has a wonderful little boy who will turn 1 tomorrow and a beautiful little 7 year old that adores her mommy. Thank goodness her husband is such a great man and will have everyone and everything under control during her recovery.

Once we visit Tasha, we will go to Target and get the badly needed mommy boppy pillow that Jennifer L. and Lauren recommend. I am willing to try anything for a few minutes of shut eye. If I can twist Chip's arm I'd like to go to JC Penney and see what the baby bedding looks like in real life and then we plan to eat dinner with Joyce and head back to Kosciusko.

Oh yeah! Before we leave the doctor, we will set up our next appointment for August and that should be when we get to find out what it is! I am so ready. I really dislike surprises. Between my being an OCD planner organizer and Chip and I are from the instant gratification generation we need to know the sex of this baby.....right now.

PS - Congrats to my friend Susan who found out it's a boy! That is exciting news!


Lauren said...

Just so you know...I let out a few tears when I read your sweet little info on Tasha...I've been glued to my cell awaiting a txt from Fred updating on the situation...
Also...just so you know:-) will L.O.V.E. your new Mommy Boppy pillow. I'm thinking of purchasing a new one..."Bertha" is a little flat these days...maybe we should get her an "augmentation" like me. hehehe...LOVE YA!

Rachel said...

Fred sent me a text saying he's posting to facebook to keep people updated and so far everything is going ok, they have about 2 more hours.
I am internally jumping up and down (I can't do it physically because my boobs hurt) about the Mommy Boppy pillow - I can't wait. I may lay down the seats on the way home and use it. It's that serious.
I almost peed my pants when you said Bertha needs an "augmentation" - I have to say I'd recommend it to her if they turn out as good as yours!

Jennifer said...

Rachel! Don't go buy a boppy! I was just going to see if you wanted mine that I hardly used/use! Email me and let me know you got this?